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Teresa Esmezyan

Passionate wordsmith & storyteller

About me

Your avid coffee enthusiast and copywriter with a sweet tooth for creating content that always hits the spot. With a love affair for words and the skill to know exactly how to use them — my work is consistently relevant, unique, and engaging. With over a decade of experience working alongside global brands and an apt to breathe passion into anything that comes my way, I focus on telling (and selling) the story by offering a bespoke versatility that curates the most engaging content for your brand. After all, it isn't just the expertise that makes all the difference, it's the passion.

My roles and specialties

Articles & Blog Posts Writer


Website Content Writer

How do you keep the creative fires burning?

With nearly a decade of experience as a wordsmith, I have found the ultimate trifecta of never-fails-creativity: strong coffee, great music, and constant curiosity. I believe that everyone's creativity is unique and truly rooted within, but having the curiosity and desire to dip our toes into different platforms of ingenuity and inspiration (whether that comes from travelling, reading books, learning new skills, or meeting new people) is the true the key to light the fire, and keep it burning.

Why do you love doing what you do?

It isn't only about loving what I do. But doing what I love.

At the core of my passion as a writer — is to create something timeless. I believe it is deeply rooted in my DNA as an artist to use my talent for good... to inspire. We all yearn to leave a lasting legacy behind, and I believe that with my ability to see through the noise and tell stories in the most compassionate and authentic way, I can bring a more human approach to every project that comes my way. It is not only what drives my purpose as a professional, but what is rewarding to me as an individual.

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