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Dr. Sharva Hampton-Campbell

Independent Social Work Consultant, Counselor & Author
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About me

D. Sharva Hampton-Campbell is a business start-up consultant and empowerment coach who specializes in personal and professional development. She has a passion and zeal for helping women tap into their God-given purpose. In addition, Sharva is a serial author who has co-authored four anthologies, published a two-volume collection, and a children's book. Her books are housed in resource libraries internationally and stateside. She believes "Writing is central to the healing process; it provides a cathartic experience that propels you to wholeness."

My roles and specialties

Life Coach


Have you always been independent? What has your career trajectory been?

I have always worked a fulltime job and pursued my passions on a part-time bases. My passions were developed out of seeing gaps in services for foster youth and women. My career trajectory includes earning a Bachelors and Master's in Social Work and working in the profession for thirty years before earning a doctorate in higher education. More specifically, I began my career working with youth in a residential setting and then transitioning into the role of a foster care case worker and supervisor. After five years, I took a break and worked in higher education, and then returned to working with the foster care system which led to becoming a trainer, manager and director of the State of IL foster parent training program. After twelve years in these roles, I transitioned back to higher education. As an entrepreneur, I am the founder and CEO of a nonprofit, sole proprietorship and LLC partnership. It is my goal to retire in eight years and run these entities on a fulltime bases.

What is the latest project you completed?

The latest project I completed was to incorporate my business as a nonprofit. Women On The Move Network Global offers support to women to reach their full potential as ordained by God and to provide a helping hand to women and their families. Thus far, we offer an annual women's empowerment retreat and community service project.

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