Zazi Makapela

Grow a business that leaves a legacy.

About me

Entrepreneurs need guidance at some point in their business to become successful. We provide an entrepreneurship roadmap through various tailored solutions to help you grow your business and be profitable.

My roles and specialties

Business Consultant

Business coaching, Business Optimization, Training

How do I know if coaching is for me?

Your business goals and areas for improvement might not always be easy to identify without some consultation. However, most business owners know intuitively that the performance of their business can be improved. Coaching is about helping you remain accountable for the goals you’ve set while also setting new goals and evaluating your performance. Business coaching also creates a space to discuss your concerns and receive guidance in areas where you might be unsure.

I've been doing this for a while now; is this really necessary?

You might be doing very well but, are you open to doing even better? Coaching is about you, helping you improve, seeing things from a new perspective, and taking your business to the next level.

No business is too small to be coached. We coach businesses of all sizes, from startups to mature corporations. You might get a financial expert to advise on your finances; when you want to improve your physical performance, you might get a personal trainer. To improve your business performance, you’ll get a business coach.

Isn’t coaching expensive?

Contact us to discuss our fees. It’s more affordable than you might think, and it’s one of the best investments you can make to ensure long-term sustainability for your business.

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