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You’ve worked for a while, but how much money have you made? It takes time figuring this stuff out, and you have a million other things to do. Feel free to use this handy calculator to quickly do the math.

Add up your hours and figure out how much you’re owed.

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Indy makes it easier

Indy makes all this tedious time management stuff a breeze. With Indy Time Tracker, you can begin tracking your time with the click of a button. Just hit pause when you need to take a break and resume when you’re back at it.

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Facts about time card calculators

What is a time card calculator?

A work hours calculator is a simple tool to work out how many hours someone worked over a period of time. This includes break time or time off during the period.

The time clock calculator takes the total time between the starting and ending time and then deducts times when the employee is not working, such as a lunch break or driver rest time. The timesheet calculator can work out hours and minutes worked to produce the total hours worked between the starting and ending times.

How to calculate hours worked?

Without using time tracking software, you can calculate work hours simply. All you need is the total hours in the period and the hours and minutes spent not working. Simply subtract the non-working times from the total hours to get the work hours.

All the information you need is usually on employee timesheets or time cards. These include the employee’s pay rate, overtime rate, and information from the time clock. This is all you need to work out the total hours worked and even the amount to send through to payroll.

How to calculate hours worked per week?

There are two ways to calculate the total hours worked in a week. Here they are:

  1. Add up the total hours worked per day and then total these figures for the work period.
  2. Add up the total hours in the work period (there are 168 in a week) and then deduct time off to see the total time worked.

The first method is really common, and useful for employees who work at the same business location every day. A factory, for example, will track the time data for its people this way.

The second method is more valuable for employees who work varied schedules or at different locations. Over the Road drivers, for example, have very flexible schedules but must also track their time carefully.

Why do I need to calculate hours worked?

The obvious reason is so you get paid correctly. Tracking your hours with a time clock or time card will help you submit correct data for the payroll or contract.

There are a few other reasons, though. Here are some other ways to use an hours calculator:

  • Keep track of time spent on fixed rate projects. This data will help you know if you are charging the correct amount for your work.
  • Track your time spent working over a longer period of time to work out your hourly rate. You can use this for tax reporting and job hunting.

How should I use the time card calculator?

You can use the time card calculator in several different ways. The first and most important way is to work out the number of hours you have worked. By doing this you will save a lot of time, and remove the potential for errors. It means you won’t be underpaid, and you can avoid the possibility of entering too many hours and getting into trouble at work.

The second way is to check your own calculations. While this won’t save time like the first way will, it will make sure there are no errors in your calculations. We guarantee error-free calculations as long as you enter the correct values into the correct boxes.

Is the time card calculator free to use?

100%! This is a free time card calculator to help you total up your work hours and get the money you deserve.

Do you have other calculators I can use?

We certainly do. There are a multitude of different calculators available to visitors to our site. Whatever you need to work out, there’s an excellent chance we will have something available to help you. If you want to calculate fees, job durations or how much to add on for transaction fees, there is a calculator on offer right here.

Can time tracking software help me keep better track of hours?

Absolutely! Time tracking software makes it much easier to record and manage all of your work hours, including overtime hours. Manual tracking methods aren't the most reliable and can lead to hours getting lost and money missed. Automatic time tracking records and reports every second you work with pinpoint accuracy, right down to the decimal hours. You'll always know exactly how long you worked so you can be sure you're getting paid everything you earn.

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