Business Days Calculator: Work Days Between Dates

Are you trying to work out how many business days between two dates? Planning a project, and trying to figure out how many business days it will take to complete? Use this simple business days Calendar Calculator to determine the number of business days there are between two different dates, such as the start date and the potential due date.

Calculate number of days

Calculate the number of days or workdays between two dates

Total work days
Start and end dates are included
National holidays are counted as working days

Calculate due date

Figure out the day by which your project can be completed

End date
Start and end dates are included
National holidays are counted as working days

Business Days Calculator FAQs

What is a business days calculator?

A business days calculator shows the number of working days between two dates. Weekends are not counted as working days by the majority of business institutions, but they might be required to calculate how many working days there are between two dates.

It’s not always easy to work this out in your head, so to arrive at the answer quickly our calculators will make it easy for you to understand how much time is required. There are two separate calculators available here:

  • The first calculator will tell you how many working days there are between two specific dates.
  • The second calculator will give you the end date when you enter a starting date and the number of working days that you want to move forwards.

How many days between two dates?

This is exactly what our business days calculator helps you understand. Weekends don’t count as working days, so if you require 14 working days to carry out a task, this could take slightly longer than two weeks. Our tool makes it easy to work out how many days a job will take.

Not only this, but it also makes it very simple to work out when payments should be making their way to and from your bank account. You will find that not all companies and institutions count national holidays as non-working days. Use the business days calculation to show when you will be paid.

How to calculate the number of business days?

You can always do this manually. Here’s what to do:

  1. Work out how many days a particular job will take.
  2. Count the number of weekend days included in the job duration.
  3. Add these weekend days onto the end of the predicted job end date.

This can be time consuming and complicated, especially for a job that has a completion time of weeks or even months.

To make it much simpler for you and to save a lot of time, you can use our business days calculators. All you need to do is enter the start date and the number of days your job will take. Click the ‘exclude weekends box’, and you will see the end date when only business days are counted.

Why do I need to calculate business days?

The reason that you need to calculate business days is because some people do not count them when working out how long a job will take.

The most common example of this is banking. When you’re making a payment or receiving a payment, often the bank will give you a number of days this is expected to take. This time will be given in working days. So, if you make a payment on a Friday and it will take 3 working days, the calculation doesn’t count Saturday and Sunday towards the total working days.

How should I use the business days calculator tool?

There are two specific ways to use the business days calendar calculator. The first is if you want to know how many business days are included between two dates. This is very useful if you want to bill a client for work you intend to carry out. You can then work out how many working days will be included between the time you start and the time you finish. From there, decide how much to charge.

The second way is if you want to know when you expect to finish work. If a job is likely to take 16 business days, then you can use the calendar to give the client a specific date that you intend to finish the job on, which is calculated only using working days for those 16 days.

Do you have other apps I can use?

Yes, we do. We have a fantastic range of different calculators that you are able to use, completely free of charge. We have calculators that make it easy for you to calculate the fees when sending money using different online payment methods. This will make it very simple for you to work out how much to charge a client without having to pay any transaction fees yourself.

On top of this we also have time cards and freelancing platform calculators. All of this will help you to manage your business without having to carry out any complex calculations yourself.

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