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A.J. Matos

I design posters and identities for the music industry.

About me

Hey, I'm A.J. Matos, a graphic designer from Toronto, Canada. I specialize in crafting standout posters and visual identities for artists and events in the music industry.

Designing for me is like crafting a golden ticket – it's the key to capturing your audience's interest. I firmly believe that great design should do more than catch the eye; it should stir emotions, making people genuinely excited about attending your event or hitting play on your latest track. With over a decade of attending events, concerts, and festivals in the electronic music scene, I can easily tap into the mindset of the audience when conceptualizing visuals for both artists and events.

Beyond design, I'm a music producer and DJ. Regularly spinning tunes at events in Toronto, I've gained a deep understanding of both sides of the electronic music industry, both as an attendee and a performer. This unique perspective makes me the ideal choice to create posters and identities that resonate in the music world.

My roles and specialties

Graphic Designer

Illustrations, Brand Identity, Artwork

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What makes you uniquely special?

I bring a unique blend of skills and experiences that set me apart. As a graphic designer and music producer/DJ, I not only have a sharp eye for design but also a deep understanding of the electronic music scene, having been an avid attendee for over a decade.

My firsthand experience as both a music enthusiast and a performer allows me to easily tap into the audience's mindset when crafting visually compelling posters and brand identities for individuals and events in the music industry. This dual perspective, coupled with my commitment to evoke emotions through design, makes me uniquely equipped to create impactful and resonant content.

Why do you love doing what you do?

I love what I do because it's not just a job; it's a fusion of my passions. As a graphic designer and music producer/DJ based in Toronto, I get to dive into the dynamic worlds of design and music.

Crafting visually stunning posters and brand identities for individuals and events in the music industry is not just a creative outlet for me; it's a way to merge my love for design with my deep connection to the electronic music scene. It's this combination of creativity, connection, and personal expression that makes every project genuinely exciting for me.

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