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Versatile Copy Pro: Elevating Brands with Precision
Symmone Roundtree, LLC

About me

Hey there! I’m Symmone, your go-to wordsmith for a double dose of creativity and strategy. I specialize in weaving magic through Email and UI copy, and I’m your secret weapon for crafting engaging Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle content.

Why do I write? Well, because I'm on a mission to find the most nuanced ways of expression – it's my kind of thrill! I’m here to help creators like you tell your story in a way that’s not just heard but felt.

What's my secret sauce? I sprinkle a dash of authenticity into every piece, turning thoughts into words that resonate. And wait, there’s more! With my SEO skills, I’m like a magnet for the right customers – making sure your message shines bright in the digital jungle.

Let’s bring your ideas to life, one word at a time. Because in this world of pixels and algorithms, your story deserves to stand out. Let's make it happen!

My roles and specialties


Content Creation, Email Copy, UI Copy

How do you approach crafting authentic and engaging messaging for different brands and industries?

Research research research!

The only way to authentically connect with brands and audiences is to learn them. Understanding needs, wants, problems and desires will allow you to come up with unique solutions and problem-solving techniques.

What sets you apart as a copywriter?

My writing style is unique. I use my lived experience and worldy knowledge to connect to all types of audiences. From there, I don't focus on just conversions and I don't focus on the numbers.

As a writer, it is my duty to connect to the audience on a deeper level, I want them to understand fully and completely, so when I take on projects and clients, I'm looking for the best way to reach the target audience and remain as authentic as possible.

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