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Christofer Chapman

My name is Christofer & I’m excited to start my externship

About me

My name is Christofer Chapman, I’m 35 years old. I have a dog named Joey. I went to school to become a medical assistant, I’m hoping to continue on further to eventually become a Physician Assistant. While I’m going to school I work as a substitute teacher for grade levels Pre-K to Twelfth grade, been subbing for a little under a year & it has its moments but I like it.

My roles and specialties

3D Animator

Who inspires you?

My nephew inspires me, he makes everyday extraordinary. I love how full of life he is & how he loves to learn even while he’s on break from school.

Why do you love doing what you do?

i love doing what i do because i get to give my insight on life. Help teach children, that life is easy right now, but soon reality hit & if you don’t change now, then change will be harder later & unlike video games, you can’t just hit the “reset” button & start over, its already set.

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