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locationPittsburgh, PA United States

Lisa T

I'm a passionate home chef who loves all things food & bev!

About me

As someone who has worked in food service/customer service since I was 15, I LOVE providing an amazing experience or amazing recommendations to people for things that I truly love. It is essential when working with a brand that:

  • It is something I would actually use with or without sponsorship
  • It is accessible both physically and from a financial perspective
  • I can promote it in an authentic way, truly being myself

I believe the "influencer" world has gotten a bad rap from people using the platform to push any product they come across, some of which are totally misleading to the consumer or something they haven't even used outside of filming that one video.

I like to be real and authentic on my Instagram which is my platform I use most. I want people to see what my real day to day looks like which is typically sweatpants, hair up and my cat and dog begging for attention!

Any brand that has a similar mindset, would be a perfect match for me! Looking forward to working together :)

My roles and specialties

Content Marketer

Blogging, Social Media

Advertising Video Editor

Affiliate Marketer

Content Creation

Let’s connect

Who are some of the clients you have worked with?

I have worked with some really great clients in the past that I am really proud of! I did a lot of social media work with a local Mexican restaurant in my area, helping promote new menu items, filing cocktail making videos, and partaking in event planning for their anniversary celebration!

I have also worked with Barebones Living on product promotion, and I really love that brand and what they stand for, creating sustainable products, treating their employees well and giving back through volunteerism and donations.

Why do you love doing what you do?

I really just love to be creative and try new things! It is such a thrill to cook a new recipe or try a new hobby and feel success when it turns out well! Filming recipe videos and sharing tips and tricks on my platform is so much fun for me. I love to see when people re-create things I have made, tried a product I shared that I really loved, or supported a brand/business that I recommended. It brings me a lot of pride knowing I am sharing out things that I am truly passionate about.

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