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Claudine Maricar Chicote

I'm a Creative Virtual Assistant
VA Claudine Maricar

About me

Hi there! I’m Claudine Chicote, your creative virtual assistant partner for streamlined operations and standout brand presence. Let me handle the details so you can focus on big-picture growth!

My roles and specialties

Virtual Assistant

Calendar management, Blog content creation, Graphics, Social Media, Administrative Assistant

What kinds of projects are you open to?

Social Media Management and other Digital Marketing Services

How do you keep the creative fires burning?

As a Creative Virtual Assistant, I know keeping my creative spark alive is essential. Here's my approach:

1. Inspiration Breaks are Key

  • Art and design fuel me: I browse galleries, Pinterest, and design blogs, analyzing what catches my eye.
  • Nature is my reset: A short walk can clear my head and inspire new ideas.
  • I mix up my media: Exploring different genres or podcasts can spark unexpected connections in my work.

2. I Never Stop Learning

  • Skill development is ongoing: I take courses, experiment with tools, and seek feedback to stay sharp.
  • Staying current is crucial: I follow trends and use the latest design techniques and technology.

3. Burnout is My Enemy

  • Boundaries matter: I protect my time to prevent feeling creatively drained.
  • I celebrate the wins: Acknowledging achievements keeps me motivated.

4. Community is Everything

  • My network supports me: Connecting with other Creative VAs online lets me share work, find inspiration, and get help.
  • Collaboration energizes me: Working with others brings fresh perspectives and fuels my process.

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