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Zaid Ashour

"Ambitious Professional Technical Writer: Expertise & Precis

About me

Hello! I’m an ambitious and professional writer with a passion for making complex information clear and accessible. With expertise in technical writing, SEO content creation, and email copywriting, I help businesses communicate effectively and achieve their goals.

Technical Writing Expertise

  • Software Documentation: Clear user manuals and API guides.
  • Medical and Scientific Writing: Comprehensible research reports and regulatory documents.
  • Engineering and Manufacturing Documentation: Detailed SOPs, technical specs, and maintenance manuals.

SEO Content Writing

  • Blogs and Articles: Engaging, informative posts that drive organic traffic.
  • Website Copywriting: Compelling web content that enhances user experience and SEO.

Email Copywriting

  • Engaging Content: Captivating email copy that drives action.
  • Personalization: Tailored messages to boost engagement.

Why I Do It: I believe in the power of clear communication to enhance user experience.

LinkedIn: Zaid Ashour

Email: zakozazko@gmail.com

My roles and specialties

Technical Writer

Medical and Scientific Writing, Software Documentation, Engineering and Manufacturing Documentation

SEO Writing Specialist

Blog and Article Writing, Website Copywriting, Product Descriptions and E-commerce Content

Email Copywriter

Let’s connect

How do you continue to grow your professional skills?

How I Continue to Develop My Professional Skills

Continuous improvement is essential in my profession. Here’s how I ensure my skills stay sharp and relevant:

1. **Ongoing Education**: I regularly take online courses and attend workshops in technical writing, SEO, and copywriting to stay updated with industry trends and best practices.


2. **Reading and Research**: I keep up with the latest articles, books, and research papers in my fields of expertise. This helps me understand emerging technologies, scientific discoveries, and market trends.

3. **Practice and Application**: I constantly apply new techniques and strategies in my work, experimenting with different writing styles and tools to refine my craft.

4. **Feedback and Collaboration**: I seek feedback from clients and peers, using their insights to improve my work. Collaborating with other professionals also exposes me to new perspectives and skills.

5. **Professional Networking**: I engage with industry communities and attend conferences and webinars to learn from experts and network with other professionals.

By combining education, practice, and collaboration, I ensure my skills remain current and effective.

What kinds of projects are you open to?

Projects I’m Open To

I’m enthusiastic about a variety of writing projects that leverage my expertise and passion for clear communication. Here are the types of projects I’m particularly interested in:

#### Technical Writing

- **Software Documentation**: Creating comprehensive user manuals, API guides, and technical support documents.

- **Medical and Scientific Writing**: Crafting detailed research reports, clinical trial documentation, and regulatory submissions.

- **Engineering and Manufacturing Documentation**: Developing standard operating procedures, technical specifications, and maintenance manuals.

#### SEO Content Writing

- **Blogs and Articles**: Writing engaging, informative, and SEO-optimized content for blogs and online publications.

- **Website Copywriting**: Producing compelling web content that enhances user experience and boosts search engine rankings.

#### Email Copywriting

- **Email Campaigns**: Designing and writing personalized, high-conversion email campaigns for marketing and communication purposes.

- **Newsletters**: Creating informative and engaging newsletters to keep your audience connected and informed.

**Why Work With Me?**  

I bring a blend of technical expertise, SEO knowledge, and creative flair to every project, ensuring clear, compelling, and effective communication.

**Let’s Collaborate!**  

Whether you need precise documentation, engaging content, or persuasive emails, I’m here to help your message shine.

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