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Lee Blackwood

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About me

Drawing from my extensive background in the arts, food/culinary, and luxury travel industries, I've found my sweet spot in writing for them. With a knack for words and a flair for persuasion, I help businesses thrive by crafting compelling copy that not only resonates but drives results.

As a copywriter, I specialize in convincing, relatable, and engaging stories & content that converts like crazy. Whether it's crafting irresistible email sequences, creating funnels for course launches, managing email lists, or penning web copy for advertorials, landing pgs, and sales letters, I've got you covered.

With nearly a decade of writing social media captions and SEO-optimized blogs within these industries, I've refined my skills to deliver impactful messaging that connects with audiences. Now, I'm fully committed to the world of direct response copywriting, where I channel my expertise to help businesses achieve their goals.

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My roles and specialties

Sales Copywriter

Copywriter, Content Marketing, Video Scripts & Sales Letters

Email Marketer

Email Copywriter, Email List Manager, Email Strategy

How do I continue to grow my professional skills?

As a lifelong learner, I am passionate about acquiring new knowledge and skills. I consistently read at least one book per week, and my curiosity extends to various areas, particularly marketing. My commitment to professional growth is evident through the numerous online courses I've taken, covering topics such as writing, marketing, content creation, SEO, blogging, affiliate marketing, YouTube, and SaaS. 

In addition to formal courses, I actively participate in copywriting and marketing groups and engage in mastermind sessions. These connections allow me to stay informed about the latest techniques and trends while providing valuable feedback from more experienced copywriters. My enthusiasm for learning drives me to continually stack new skills that enhance my professional capabilities.

What makes me special? Why should you trust me as your copywriter?

I'm a seasoned copywriter with a unique perspective and a passion for continuous growth.

What sets me apart? Well, my deep understanding of the food, travel, and hospitality industries is a definite highlight. With extensive experience in these areas, I bring valuable insights that resonate with businesses and their audiences alike.

But what really fuels my fire is my commitment to learning. I'm not just a reader; I'm a devourer of knowledge, consistently immersing myself in books and online courses. From writing to marketing, SEO to affiliate marketing, I've covered a wide range of topics to stay ahead of the curve.

And let's not forget about my mentors. I've had the privilege of learning from some of the best in the business, including Stefan Georgi, Kevin Rogers, and Alen Sultanic. Plus, my involvement in copywriting and marketing groups keeps me plugged into the latest trends and techniques.

So, if you're looking for a copywriter who brings both expertise and enthusiasm to the table, you've come to the right place. Let's connect and create something amazing together.

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