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Business Correspondence for Freelancers

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Business Correspondence for Freelancers
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This course teaches freelancers how to effectively communicate with clients through email and other forms of correspondence, including how to craft persuasive proposals, write effective follow-up emails, and handle difficult client relationships.

Course Lessons

Lesson 1: How to Identify Your Ideal Freelance Client
Working with freelancers can be beneficial for businesses, but finding the right clients is the key to success. This guide from Indy explores ways you can identify your ideal freelance clients, set realistic expectations, and find potential customers who are aligned with your mission. It provides actionable advice to help freelancers attract the best-suited clients for their business.
Lesson 2: How to Send a Quote to a Client
Successful freelancers know how to properly prepare, present, and send a quote that entices the client while still making sure they get paid what they're worth. In this guide from Indy, you'll learn the essential steps you need to take when creating and sending a quote so you can get paid your full rate without any hassles or confusion.
Lesson 3: Want a Sample "Follow-Up Email to Client After Sending Proposal?" Here are 5 Templates.
This page will provide detailed lessons on how to create effective follow up emails after submitting proposals, as well as important tips for formatting and leaving a lasting impression.
Lesson 4: 6 Tips for Negotiating Rates Like a Pro
Negotiation can be a daunting task, but with these simple tips you'll learn how to get the best deal without compromising your principles. Discover the art of successful rate negotiations and unlock better deals for yourself and your business. Follow these six pointers to gain confidence in your negotiation skills and secure the best possible rates.
Lesson 5: How to Tell Clients They Need to Pay More
Adjusting client payments can be difficult, but this guide provides practical advice on how to have effective conversations with clients about increasing rates. With the right attitude and tactics, you can confidently discuss rate increases and ensure that your business is fairly compensated for services rendered.
Lesson 6: Follow Up Email Templates After Meetings
Writing a follow-up email after a meeting is essential to ensure successful outcomes. This page provides helpful templates for composing effective follow-up emails in a professional manner.
Lesson 7: What Is the Best Way to Politely Request an Update From Your Client? (With Email Samples)
This page provides a lesson on how to professionally and respectfully reach out to your clients for updates via email.
Lesson 8: How Do You Communicate a Missed Deadline to Your Client? (With Email Samples)
Missing a deadline is not ideal, but it can happen from time-to-time in freelance work. This guide from Indy helps freelancers communicate these situations clearly and effectively so they can maintain their relationships with clients and ensure future business opportunities. It includes email samples, tips on how to deliver bad news, and advice on how to move forward in a professional manner.
Lesson 9: The Art of Gratitude: How to Write Business Thank You Letters [With Examples]
This page provides a lesson on how to write effective business thank you notes that convey gratitude and kindness in a professional way.
Lesson 10: How to Ask for Referrals from Clients (With Email Samples)
Asking current clients for referrals is an effective way of expanding your business, but it can be tricky. In this article, we'll discuss the basics of requesting referrals via emails. We'll offer up some helpful tips on when and how to ask as well as provide examples of referral request emails. With these guidelines and email samples, you can increase your chances of getting more referrals from your clients!
Lesson 11: How to Break Up with a Difficult Client
Terminating a difficult client relationship can be an intimidating process, but this page provides useful advice and resources in order to do so effectively.