Message templates forFirst Contact

We’ve prepared a set of email templates you can use when you need to make first contact with a potential client. First contact emails should be short, get to the point quickly, and have a clear way for the lead to follow up on your message.

  • Quick Intro Email
  • Special Offer Email
  • Cold Contact Email
  • Referral Contact Email
  • Hello Again Email

Quick Intro Email

This intro email features a place to compliment the customer on their business. Add a unique line about what makes them successful or interesting.




Hello Mike,

My name is Tim Davies and I’m a freelancer specialising in marketing and SEO. 

I’m writing because I’d like to talk with you about how I can help your company. Somerset Pest Control is doing really well in its first year of business. 

I think I could help you increase your website traffic by 12% each month through blogs, social media posts, and targeted SEO campaigns.

Please have a look at for more info or send me a message. I’d be happy to set up a chat with you.


Tim Davies

Special Offer Email

Do you have a special offer for new clients? This is an email template you can use to contact new clients about your fantastic deal.


 50% OFF 1st MONTH for NEW customers in 2022


Hi Sarah,

This is Tim Davies. I’m a freelancer offering professional marketing and SEO services.

I’m contacting you to tell you about an offer I have for new customers. I can offer you 50% off your first month of my award-winning marketing and SEO services to grow your website traffic.

If this sounds good to you, then let’s have a chat. 

Please ring me on 01234567890 or respond to this email. I’ll be happy to talk with you about how I can help your business.


Tim Davies

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Cold Contact Email

Everyone needs an email template for cold contacts. You can use this one and throw in some of your top stats and accomplishments.


3 numbers that could BOOST YOUR BUSINESS


Dear Steve Fisher,

My name is Tim Davies and I’m writing to you about my marketing and SEO services.

I’ve been helping customers like you get brilliant results for over 15 years. I’d love to chat with you about how we could work together.

Here are some things I offer:

  • Website traffic increases averaging 8% per month
  • PPC campaigns returning an average of $8.50 for every $1 spent
  • SEO efforts regularly bring my clients’ websites to the top of Google results.

I’m sure I can help you as well. The first step is setting up a chat. 

Just send me a reply and we can work out the details.


Tim Davies

Referral Contact Email

Have a referral from a friend or contact? Use this template to reach out to them and offer your services.


We’ve got a mutual friend in Cheryl Stokes


Dear Susan Browning,

I’m Tim Davies and I’m writing because Cheryl Stokes thought you could benefit from my marketing and SEO services. They gave me your contact information, so I’m reaching out to see how I can help you.

I’ve been offering marketing and SEO services for over 15 years. I’m sure I can help you with your needs.

Would you be interested in a free chat to talk about your plans? If so, then when is a good time to set up a chat?


Tim Davies

Hello Again Email

Freelancers meet potential customers in all kinds of places. You can use this email template to say hello again, remind them of how you met, and explore potential collaborations.


Wasn’t the CoC BBQ great? I was pleased to meet you!


Hello Mitch,

It was a pleasure meeting you at the Chamber of Commerce BBQ. Thank you for giving me your contact details. I’m writing now to follow up on our conversation.

You mentioned you want marketing and SEO services. I’m sure I can help you with my professional skills. I’d love to set up a meeting for us to chat over a cup of coffee or have a more formal discussion.

When would be a good time to chat?


Tim Davies

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