Message templates forFollowing Up

If you’ve already contacted a client and need to follow up with them, we’ve got you covered. Quickly customize one of these emails to send them just the right message.

  • Simple Follow-Up Email
  • Book a Meeting Email
  • Video Follow-Up Email
  • Conversation Refresher Email
  • Customer Follow-Up

Simple Follow-Up Email

Use this template when the prospect doesn’t reply. You’ll want to keep the same subject line, but add a bit more value to your email.


Did you know I also offer business branding?


Hello Mark,

I didn’t hear from you after my last email, so I wanted to drop you another message to tell you a bit more about my services.

In addition to graphic design services, I also help clients with business branding. Doing both these things at once for clients helps them get better results with less spending.

I’m sure you’d like better results and a lower budget.

When is a good time to chat about how I can help you?


Tiffany King

Book a Meeting Email

Want to set up a meeting with a client and help them book it? This is a great email to send because it makes it easy for your lead to book the meeting by including a Calendly link.


Improve your logo and branding with a 15 minute meeting


Hi Rebecca,

I noticed you haven’t responded to my previous email, but I’m sure you want to improve your company’s logo and branding.

To make it easier to get going, here’s a link to my Calendly feed. Let’s set up a quick 15-minute chat to talk about how I can help you.


After our chat, we can see where we go from there.

I look forward to talking to you!

Kind regards,

Tiffany King

Send messages at the right time with Indy.

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Video Follow-Up Email

A great way to impress clients is to include a video in your follow-up email. The trick is to make a short video, keep it simple, and end with a clear call to action. To reduce email file size, it’s also a good idea to upload your video to somewhere like YouTube or Vimeo.


 70 seconds of VIDEO could BOOST your business


Hello Brian,

My last email mentioned some of my services and how I can help you. I thought I’d try to get things moving by taking a few seconds to tell you more about what I offer.

Here’s a 70 second clip I recorded to tell you a little more.

Life as a #digitalnomad

Please have a look and then let’s set up a call to talk about how we can work together.


Tiffany King

Conversation Refresher Email

If you’ve already had a meeting or a call with a client and they’ve gone quiet, this email template is what you need to get things moving again.


3 suggestions to TAKE the NEXT STEP


Hi Mel,

It was great to chat two weeks ago during our discovery call. We had some good ideas and a few things we could launch.

Here’s how I think we could proceed. Please have a look and let me know what you want to do:

  • Create a design brief for the new company branding
  • Deliver two initial drafts of the new logo
  • Schedule another meeting to discuss some fresh ideas

Any one of these would be a great way to begin working together.

When you’re ready, please let me know and we can get started.

Thank you,

Tiffany King

Customer Follow-Up

Following up with customers in the public is a little different, and you want to be really friendly. Here’s a quick follow-up email for your services.


 Thanks for your interest. Can we chat?


Hi Kelly,

Thanks so much for your interest in my graphic design services. I’d love to chat with you more about how I can help you.

Looking ahead, here are a few ways we can get started:

  • Let me know a good time to chat and I’ll call you.
  • Visit my website at to book your design appointment.
  • Schedule a video chat with me here [Calendly_link]

I’m super pleased you’re interested. Let me know how I can help you.


Tiffany King

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