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Remote work 101
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This course offers an introduction to working from home as a freelancer. It provides guidance on how to make the transition from office life to remote work and how to succeed in the new environment. It covers topics such as setting up a workspace, staying organized, and building a network.

Course Lessons

Lesson 1: Home Office Essentials: How to Maximize Your Work-From-Home Productivity
Remote workers everywhere can now create their own perfect home office! Check out this guide on the essentials required to make a productive space that is perfect for working from the comfort of home.
Lesson 2: Home Office Essentials List for a More Productive Home Office Setup
This guide explores the various pros and cons of working from home. It emphasizes the cost-efficiency of telecommuting against the cost of a commute - but it also highlights the need to invest in some critical tools and equipment that can help boost productivity.
Lesson 3: How to Minimize Distractions While Working From Home: Tips and Strategies for Better Focus
Working remotely is an essential part of the freelancer lifestyle, but this can also lead to distractions that reduce productivity. Read this guide to understand tips and strategies to help you work smarter while freelancing. With this article you can learn how to maximize your remote working and increase efficiency.
Lesson 4: 10 Huge Health Benefits of Working From Home
Working from home has its advantages; from reduced stress, to more exercise, to more time in nature. Read this guide to learn more about the potential benefits of remote working, and find out what you could gain from it.
Lesson 5: Why Work-Life Balance Is Important for Freelancers
Everyone needs to find a healthy balance between their work life and personal life. In this guide, get useful advice on how to create a more satisfactory balance, improving both your mental health and job performance.
Lesson 6: How to Ensure Cybersecurity While Working Remotely?
Working remotely offers many benefits, however, it can also present new potential vulnerabilities to threat actors. This guide explores the different ways to strengthen your cybersecurity when you're offsite. Get the strategies for effective protection in this comprehensive article.
Lesson 7: How to Stay Connected When Working Remotely
In this guide, you will gain insight into the pros and cons of remote work, specifically how to maintain social relationships while working remotely. You'll also gain tips on how to build a community and foster connections without the traditional office setting.
Lesson 8: How to Not Feel Lonely When You Work From Home and Stay Motivated
Overcoming isolation when working remotely can be a difficult challenge for many people. In this guide, learn how to maintain motivation and joy by fighting off isolation in a remote work setting. Discover strategies to engage with peers and establish a strong network of support, no matter the physical distance.
Lesson 9: What Is Coworking Space: Benefits and Why They’re The Future of Office Space
This guide explores how coworking spaces are revolutionizing office spaces and providing shared workspaces to those who are self-employed, remote, and freelance. Discover the advantages to coworking spaces and why they are becoming a popular trend.
Lesson 10: Is Becoming a Digital Nomad a Good Option for You?
Explore the ebb and flow of living as a digital nomad in this guide! From the benefits of working without a home base and common forms of nomadic living (e.g. van life, working travel, etc) to the issues that must be managed, this guide can help you hone an understanding of the nomad life.