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5 Jobs For People Who Want to Use Their Creativity at Work

Dec 7, 2020
(updated: Dec 2, 2022)
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If you’re a creative soul that’s asked this question, you’re in luck! There are several jobs out there that allow your creativity to shine and be used to its fullest potential.

You don’t want to be boxed in by your job; you want to work in a role that encourages your out-of-the-box thinking. To help out, we’ve compiled a list of the top jobs you can score using your creativity alone. Well your creativity, along with your strategic brain.

Most of these jobs require communication skills, an artistic eye, and most importantly, your creativity.

1. Art Director

An Art Director is responsible for the vision of a product or project. They decide what artistic elements to utilize, supervise other artists, and bring their client’s vision to life. The Art Director creates the overall look and is in charge of directing those who create the artwork or layouts.

Art directors often work in film, advertising, communications, video games, and theatre.

2. Fashion Designer

Fashion Designers create clothes, footwear, and accessories. This role allows their creativity to really shine. They’re in charge of choosing the fabrics, colors, and patterns that will be used in all their designs. It requires an artistic eye and out-of-the-box thinking.

Designers can create bold, one-of-a-kind pieces or they can stick with a similar trend and create a cohesive collection. Often a designer creates their own unique signature style, which they become known for.

3. Floral Designer

Floral designers create floral arrangements for any number of occasions, including weddings, parties, funerals, birthdays, etc. 

Whenever a floral designer is creating an arrangement, they need to take into account the budget of their client and the specific occasion. From there, they can use their own creativity to choose the colors, patterns, and textures that would best compliment that occasion. 

Floral designers might order from wholesale retailers, or they could grow their own flowers. To  ensure their flowers look their best, they need to learn about each flower, its unique properties, and the proper care for them.

4. Interior Designer

This role is in charge of decorating the interior of a space. Their clients could include individuals, homeowners, hotels, rental properties, or even a film series. 

Interior Designers create a design plan including furniture elements, flooring, artwork, etc. and outline the cost of such a plan. Many times they will have to work within a specific budget or with other client expectations in mind. It’s up to them to take all of this into account whenever designing a space.

This position often works closely with architects, engineers, and builders to bring their vision to life. 

5. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers communicate a story’s message visually through graphics photos or images. Often, they create images for marketing materials, social media, websites, infographics, product packaging and more. 

Graphic Designers get to use their creativity and unique, artistic eye to choose elements that help make their images pop - including colors, typography, and patterns. 

This role could work in tandem with an art director, marketing, or advertising agency, or they could work as a freelancer for a specific client.

The above roles rely heavily on creativity. If you’re a creative person looking for ways to use your creativity while you work, we encourage you to check out the above positions.

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