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6 Tips for Becoming a Successful Freelance Project Manager

Nov 23, 2020
(updated: Dec 5, 2022)
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For so many businesses, it’s the little things that make projects succeed or fail. If their team is developing their new website, their web designer, developer, graphic artist, and other professionals may have the skills they need but they miss deadlines or forget to communicate with each other so it all falls apart.

That’s why the world has opened for freelance project managers who specialize in organizing projects and keeping everyone on track. How do you pull in enough clients that you’re making enough income, though? Start with these top tips.

1. Build Your Website

For any freelancer, your website is action item number one. It’s a place to describe your background, working experience, and other qualifications. It’s also where you should post case studies going into detail (where contracts allow, of course) about past successful projects.

Focus your case studies on the type of projects you prefer Include data about the various aspects of each project. For instance, talk about the budget along with final numbers showing how well you managed costs. This showcases financial management skills. List any special challenges in each project as well, showing what you’ve overcome.

Incorporate search engine optimization into your site too, basing your content around popular relevant keywords. Remember that to keep pulling in traffic, you need a continuous flow of new content like one new blog post each week.

This site should be your digital marketing home base where clients can chat with you too. Feature the site on all marketing materials like social media posts as well as business cards.

2. Establish the Right Work Environment

Like most freelancers, you’re probably working remotely. Especially in COVID-19 times, that probably means working from home. Set up a designated space to spend your working hours.

Freelance project management is unique because phone call or video call sessions are more common for you than most freelancers. If there is background noise or an unprofessional setting behind you, those distractions make meetings less effective because everyone else has a harder time hearing and focusing. The chances of repeat business are slim in that case, so a good working environment that’s distraction-free will amount to more business.

3. Develop More Qualifications

Many businesses have a particular project management software system they’re familiar with and it’s their go-to. No matter how confident you are that you can learn any new system on the fly, clients want project managers who know their software already.

Research the top project management software tools and get experience with as many as possible. This could mean signing up for a trial and playing with each software system by yourself.

List all these technical proficiencies on your website too. Some clients search for project managers who use their particular system, like “Hive freelance project manager.” Having that list helps with capturing this traffic.

4. Develop a Social Media Reputation

Social media is a tool for any freelancer, so now’s the time to start making a name for yourself. Create accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on that are for business purposes only. These should always stay separate from any personal accounts.

Post informative, on-topic content on these accounts often. Follow and interact with other freelance project managers. Do this for other accounts within your target industries or local community too. Every post or engagement spreads your name further, boosting the chances for new clients.

5. Spread Your Expertise Online

For clients to hire you, they need to know you’re a genuine project management expert. One way you can do that is to publish content across the web (not just on your own site) showcasing your knowledge.

There are plenty of project management blogs, for instance. Reach out to them about writing a guest post, which gives them free content while giving you access to more potential clients. Do this for blogs within your target niche as well, like health and wellness blogs if that’s your specialty. Videos are another great way to do this. Start a YouTube channel and post videos often, sharing knowledge, tips, and insights.

The key is providing enough information to spark interest and answer questions but not so much information that clients don’t need your help. Fortunately, project management is a developed skill so chances are that clients couldn’t use your advice to do the job as effectively as you could.

6. Market to Existing and Past Clients

One perk of project management is that most companies have one project after another; it’s not a one-time deal. That means you have great potential for repeat business from clients you know how to work with. You also know they’re clients who pay.

Develop an email newsletter for all current and past clients. Make it informative and useful, with tips, trends, and insights as well as your latest blogs. Don’t forget any new videos too. This maintains the connection with those clients so you’re fresh in their minds. They’re more likely to call you for their next project.

Finding Success in Freelance Project Management

Freelancing success in any field takes time because you need to cultivate a client base and reputation that brings clients to you. The six tips above will put you on the fast track toward building your success as an independent entrepreneur.

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