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What is a Freelancer Management System and Do I Need One?

Dec 29, 2020
(updated: Dec 5, 2022)
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Managing your own creative business can be tough. There are plenty of perks when working for yourself, but that doesn't mean that it goes without some struggles. This is especially true when managing freelancers, from web designers to copywriters.

Between messaging on projects, handling files, and managing payments, how can you manage a remote team more effectively? Having the right freelancer management system can take you where you want.

What is a Freelancer Management System?

A freelancer management system is a single program or website service that does its best to provide all the tools and services you need in order to complete projects when working with freelancers and independent contractors and to manage your business well.

The more comprehensive the system is, and the less your freelancers and clients will need to connect with you through alternative means. This can result in more productive project management and happier employees who are much more eager to work with you.

How Does This Benefit Your Business?

The efficiency is a no-brainer when it comes to a concise freelancer management system. When freelancers understand what's expected of them, they can feel much more comfortable and confident about working consistently with you to create products.

If you're not sure what tools can benefit you in such a system, here are some you should look for:

A Built-In Messenger

Ideally, utilizing a single professional messenger system will help you and your team stay connected and on the same page about task lists. Work that needs to be completed, will be, in a timely manner. Updates can be given and received quickly, whenever a project needs edits or a client request has suddenly changed.

It also means you'll stay in communication without having to resort to alternative means of communication, like text message or email. A great system will have its own built-in messenger so that no one ever gets confused about where to look for project updates and changes. It also helps a remote team and their employer maintain their work-life balance, and not get annoyed with each other--a big plus.

A Drive for Uploading and Sharing Files

A file sharing and storage space built into the program is also ideal. Utilizing this in a management system is better than relying on something like Google Docs, which doesn't offer an unlimited amount of storage without a fee. Rather than requiring an extra system that you and your clients need to use, you can keep the file sharing in the same space as your other management tools. It makes things more convenient and efficient for everyone.

Legal Documents and Privacy

Keep all the important legal matters under wraps and clear. A good management system will allow you to write up, exchange, and submit legal working contract agreements so that you can ensure you and your independent contractors remain on the same page about what is expected of them.

It also helps if the system you're using allows you to manage payment invoices as well, in a way that keeps all that legal information private and secure for everyone. This will help you later on whenever you need to file tax information at the end of the year, as well as sending out accurate tax information to your freelancers for them to submit their taxes properly.

Time Management Tools

Some freelancers prefer to get paid by the project, while others will understand their workability and offer an hourly working rate instead. The way you manage your team’s payment style is entirely up to you.

For those freelancers who are being charged by the hour, having some kind of built-in time tracking tool can help ensure that you and your team stay accountable and stay on task without wondering if your team is, in fact, working hard for the money. Also, a time tracking system has been scientifically proven for improving productivity in general.

How Do You Choose the Right System for You?

There are more than a few freelance management systems out there for your choosing, and some are more effective than others at improving project management. Deciding which one is right for you depends on the scale of your needs, and how much money you have to invest from the front-end on setting up a system that works for you.

Consider your niche. Are you working with more video content? Then you'll want to make sure that the system you're using allows for storage and sharing of much larger files.

Are you working with a team of four, or a team of twenty-four? The larger that your freelancing pool is, and the more essential it will be for each tier of that system to understand their roles in work and communication in order to execute projects well. Make sure you have the right kind of system to fit the needs of your business' scale where it's at.

Don't Forget to Educate Your Freelancers on the System You Choose

If you're seeking out new freelancers to join your team, or if you're converting your system to something different, it may be a good idea to provide incentives in the training process.

Converting people to the system that you choose to use may be a time-committed investment for them, especially if they're used to using a different system already.

Make it clear to your freelancers why the system you've chosen is going to benefit everyone in the long-run, and make sure they understand the value of it that you do so that they're eager to get on board.

Not Sure Where to Start? Consider Indy, a Productivity Suite That's Redesigning the Workspace

Indy has all the perks of a productive and efficient freelancer management program that you could want. They offer messenger, Cloud-based storage, legal document creation and exchanges, and even a time tracker application for freelancers who are paid by the hour.

In short, Indy has it all, and they provide it at a reasonable price. If you're looking for the perfect space to manage your team, avoid communication headaches, and get more done, then this is the place to start.

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