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Growing your marketing business might feel like a constantly shifting to-do list. We’ll show you how to make your freelancing simple by bringing together a lot of your work in one place with one workflow.

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Freelancing Made Simple for Marketers

Simplify your projects with Indy’s Tools

Indy Can Help You Land More Clients
Step one
Indy Can Help You Land More Clients
Gather leads and information with a custom web form from Indy. Using the Forms tool, you can create questionnaires for new leads, client onboarding, and any other moment when you need to ask a few questions. The forms can be used as a link just about anywhere or embedded directly onto your website. Form answers, such as new leads, can be easily added into your Indy Contacts list.
Move from lead to launching a project faster
Step two
Move from lead to launching a project faster
Once you have a lead, you can help them become a paying client with professional paperwork. Indy’s Proposals and Contracts Tools allow you to create attractive documents that show your value to your potential clients. Integrated e-signature functions help clients sign up faster so you can start working together sooner.
Make a Strong Start on Your Projects with Indy’s Forms and Calendar Tools
Step three
Make a Strong Start on Your Projects with Indy’s Forms and Calendar Tools
Create forms for different types of clients so you collect the right information right from the beginning. Ask about marketing goals, current activities, and potential opportunities in your onboarding forms. Once you’ve started to connect, use Indy’s Calendar tool to schedule a kick-off meeting to plan your first few steps with your new client.
Stay on Top of All the Goals with Indy’s Projects Tool
Step four
Stay on Top of All the Goals with Indy’s Projects Tool
Once the work starts, the goals and deadlines start mounting up. Indy helps you manage everything in one place with Projects. Each project has its own workspace with Tasks, Time Tracker, recent Files, Chat, and Invoices. As you work on your project, all these tools work together to keep you organized and on top of the work.
Get Paid Faster with Indy’s Invoices Tool
Step five
Get Paid Faster with Indy’s Invoices Tool
Indy makes it easier to get paid with a simple Invoices tool you can use to create professional invoices, accept payment from multiple methods such as PayPal, Stripe, Zelle, and others, as well as track invoice payment by project. When you’re working on an hourly project, track your time with the Time Tracker tool. These time tracks can be added to an invoice with just a few clicks.

Bring all your freelance admin work together in one workspace using Indy’s tools to create a seamless workflow.

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Freelancing Made Simple

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Freelancing Made Simple

Freelance Marketers FAQ

Why is Indy good for freelance marketers?

Marketers can make great use of Indy’s forms, proposals, and contracts to streamline their onboarding process for diverse service offerings, such as social media marketing, email marketing, and lead generation. The other tools work together to create a simple workflow to help marketers focus on marketing.

How long is the free trial?

The free trial doesn’t have an end date. For some of our tools, there are some limits on how much you can use them each month. However, Indy costs less than the two cups of coffee you bought last month while you tried to sort out your admin at Starbucks.

Which payment methods does Indy support?

When you create an invoice with Indy, you can integrate payment methods like PayPal, Zelle, Stripe, and other card payment providers.

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