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Ever met a web developer that had too much free time? We haven’t, either. Web developers are in high demand and freelance web devs don’t have much time to spend on their paperwork and admin. That’s where we can help. Indy has all the tools you need to run your web development business efficiently so you can focus on your customers.

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Freelancing Made Simple for Web Developers

Simplify your projects with Indy’s Tools

You can use Indy to find new clients
Step one
You can use Indy to find new clients
Web developers are in high demand, but taking on new clients is a lot of work. To help, you can use Indy’s Forms tools to create a custom web form. Your form could be used to survey potential clients, gather intelligence, and nurture leads. You can add it to an email campaign, your web page, or link to it on any social media post. Gather the responses and pursue any that look promising.
Turn leads into clients with Indy’s Proposals and Contracts
Step two
Turn leads into clients with Indy’s Proposals and Contracts
Web development projects are notorious for scope creep. When you’re bringing on a new client, you can use Indy’s Proposals and Contracts tools to create clear, professional documents to get ahead of scope creep. Send them on to your clients for approval. Indy will track signatures and keep your documents together for future reference.
Start your project with the right information
Step three
Start your project with the right information
Launching a new web development project needs a lot of information. Deadlines, deliverables, and details all matter. You can create another custom web form (or several) to ask the right questions and gather the right answers. This will help you keep your jobs moving smoothly towards a successful finish.
Keep the work moving with Indy’s Projects Tool
Step four
Keep the work moving with Indy’s Projects Tool
Development projects can get complex quickly. Multiple deliverables can create a big web of dependencies and create a big mess if something gets missed. Indy’s Projects tool helps you bring all your tasks, files, and messages into a single dashboard so you can stay on top of everything. Once a piece of work is finished, you can send the file to the client and track approvals through Indy’s Files tool.
Get Paid Faster with Indy’s Invoices Tool
Step five
Get Paid Faster with Indy’s Invoices Tool
When it’s time to send the invoice, Indy can help you get it done faster. Add all your unbilled hours from the Time Tracker to an invoice with a single click. Check your totals, add any extra items, and you’ll be ready to go. Once you send your invoice, your clients can pay via PayPal, Stripe, or Zelle. Offering multiple payment methods can help you get paid faster.

Bring all your freelance admin work together in one workspace using Indy’s tools to create a seamless workflow.

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Freelancing Made Simple

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Freelancing Made Simple

Freelance Web Developers FAQ

Why is Indy good for freelance web developers?

Web developers can make great use of Indy’s forms, proposals, and contracts to find new leads, land new clients, and get on with the business of doing business. Once the job starts, tracking billable hours and getting paid are simple with Indy’s Time Tracker and Invoices tools.

How long is the free trial?

The free trial doesn’t have an end date. For some of our tools, there are some limits on how much you can use them each month. However, Indy costs less than the two cups of coffee you bought last month while you tried to sort out your admin at Starbucks.

Which payment methods does Indy support?

When you create an invoice with Indy, you can integrate payment methods like PayPal, Zelle, Stripe, and other card payment providers.

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