Computer Repair Proposal Template

From an overview of your services and pricing information to a breakdown of your process and testimonials, our computer repair proposal template will help you showcase your business and grow a client base.
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Computer Repair Proposal Template
Computer Repair Proposal Template
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Jason Barringer
3937 Glen Falls Road
Kathleen Dessert
2769 Nash Street
Integra Wealth Planners
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Hello Kathleen Dessert,

After talking the other day regarding your office laptops, I’m more than happy to send in this proposal for you to go over. I’ll be able to fix all of your hardware and software problems, and with the help of my collaborators, we’ll be able to do it quickly and precisely.

As I mentioned in our phone call, I’ve been repairing computers since I was in college to save some extra money. That is 8 years ago and am now one of the most prolific computer repairmen in the area. I make sure that all my customers leave satisfied, but not without a maintenance plan. 

In the next section of this proposal, you’ll find our ways to fix your hardware problems, and possibly exceed them once the collaboration is over. If some aspects need more clarity or wish to change we’ll be happy to change them.


Jason Barringer

Why Jason Barringer for business services?

My computer repair business makes sure that your company’s computers are in pristine shape. Without any room for hardware malfunctions, or software glitches. Because you cannot run a business properly in this day and age with malfunctioning computers. My collaborators are also expert computer builders, so if you need stronger laptops for certain departments, they can help you without incurring massive costs.

I would like to leave some reviews by our previous clients:

  • Jason Barringer was a godsend, we called because we realized that one of our computers wouldn’t turn on anymore, and it held some really important information we had to send out. Once we explained the situation, Jason Barringer came to us and found the solution we needed. - Luca, Head of Marketing at digital agency
  • Jason Barringer helped us fix a batch of laptops we bought for our employees, he also upgraded the hardware for our design department, it was amazing. - Joanne, CEO of digital agency

I make sure that my clients receive the best service, and the only way I can do that is by being present and looking at the situation at hand with my own two eyes.

Project description

From our phone call, it seems you are having a problem with your laptops, and it seems to be regarding the graphics card not loading up properly. This is creating a type of glitch in which at random moments during the day your employee’s laptops screen stop functioning properly, slowing down productivity for your business. We wish to fix that as soon as possible for you, as we understand the frustration that comes with this.

As I send you this proposal, I’ll call you personally to set a date for me to come and see the damage. This does not mean that you will be forced to do business with me, it is only to understand the situation better.


Below I’ll list the objectives we had in mind for the service you need.

  • Understand what is causing the glitch to occur in the laptops bought by the client.
  • Once we have assessed what is causing the laptops to malfunction, we will take some of them with us to our workshop to see if the problem comes from the hardware or the software.
  • Once the root of the problem is clear, we will work on a solution.
  • In this period we will then take the computers in question and fix what is causing the problem
  • We will talk every other day so you know at what point of the process we are.

Any adjustments to the plans can be made by sending me a message via email at or by phone.

Deadline and deliverables

Having to work without a computer today is one of the hardest things to do, because of that it will take us a week to finish repairing all of the laptops in question. We will make sure that we will take a few of them at a time, so you won’t be without any at any time.

  • Once we start working on the laptops it will take us around a week to finish repairing all of them.
  • After the laptops are given back to you, you have two weeks in which any repair is free of cost.
  • We also offer maintenance plans, past the two weeks, that can be monthly or yearly depending on your needs.

My team and I will make sure you’ll have everything explained to you, or whoever will be in charge of looking over the project, and will always be available to talk if needed.

Payment terms

Projects such as this one run for several months before they finish. To facilitate these projects, I offer a schedule of payments. Here are the payment milestones:

  • 25% initial payment due upon signing the contract and before any work begins. 
  • 25% of the payment when the job is done and the laptops are returned
  • 50% after the two weeks repair guarantee 

An electronic invoice will be sent once the contract has been signed. Each invoice is payable within 30 business days of receipt. Late payments may result in the suspension of work and/or late fees as specified in the contract.


Once you agree to this proposal, I will prepare a simple contract for you. The contract will reference the terms of this proposal, including any amendments you suggest. If you agree to these terms, please sign below, and return this proposal to me.

Thank you very much. I look forward to working with Kathleen Dessert.


Kathleen Dessert

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Computer Repair Proposal Template FAQ

What is a computer repair proposal?

Computer Repair and maintenance is a series of actions to ensure the proper functioning of computer equipment and the entire computer system, whether operating software and hardware. It is essential within the company because due to the current dependence of many companies on information technology, sometimes a small computer problem can cause significant disruptions within the company, not to mention that some confidential data and reports must be well safeguarded in the computers. Within the computer maintenance actions, we find:

  • Remote control of equipment
  • Control and maintenance of servers
  • Physical repair of computers and servers
  • Peripheral repair
  • Configuration, repair, and installation of software and drivers
  • Antivirus installation and configuration
  • Informatics security

Before you write a proposal, it is essential to know that companies, more than anyone else, need to maintain their computer system correctly, not only because of the expenses that a computer problem may entail but also because of the data that can be saved on computer equipment and the loss of time.

A computer repair proposal is a document that explains the agreements between two parties, and this includes troubleshooting, adjustment, repair, improvement, control of material or virtual equipment. For example, a computer repair proposal on software maintenance is scalable and focuses on the evolution of applications and software.

It is inevitable, breakdowns in computers happen, and worst of all is that "breakdowns are expensive." To the extent that companies carry out a preventive maintenance plan, also known as industrial maintenance, unforeseen breakdowns are reduced—the full company benefits since we can anticipate problems in a high percentage. Hence, the need for you to explore the available options to be their "go-to" repair guy, in the form of a computer repair proposal.

Nowadays, it is almost mandatory to have exceptional attention to asset management. Investments in resources are very significant, and their malfunctioning or operation leads to economic losses that can be very critical.

Writing out a computer repairs and maintenance proposal, maybe via templates, helps reduce all these costs by reducing machine downtime and production under-activity. In addition, the number of interventions, the hours used, and the costs of corrective maintenance that are caused a posteriori to solve the breakdowns are also reduced.

In IT, the maintenance proposal is essential for companies today, especially when most activity is computerized. The computer park requires special care to avoid breakdowns and endanger a company's production or the activity of a service provider.

So, how then do you write an eye-catching proposal to win the hearts of companies seeking a computer repair maintainer?

How to write a computer repair proposal?

The computer repair and maintenance proposal must also contain other information, in particular, specific clauses that may prove to be essential:

  • The price: in fact, it is essential to specify from the start the amount of remuneration that the customer will have to pay, along with the terms of payment and any reductions.
  • The transfer of ownership clause: In developing an IT tool such as software, it is essential to specify whether the IT object created belongs to the customer or the service provider.
  • The terms of execution of the mission: it is helpful to mention the interventions included in the contract to be precise, by explaining, for example, that other types of interventions could be carried out in return for additional invoicing if the customer has opted for a package. It may be appropriate, if necessary, to precisely define the different types of anomalies that may be encountered and the corresponding commitments and guarantees.
  • Duration: the maintainer can intervene for a specific service or, conversely, for a period that can be renewed, which must be specified.
  • The terms and conditions concerning liability: this clause makes it possible to foresee cases of a breach that may engage the service provider's liability. Therefore, it is necessary to provide for the maximum amount of damages that can be paid, the period during which the liability could be invoked, or the damages excluded from the scope of the clause, which will not engage the professional's liability.

Where applicable, the terms relating to the processing of personal data by the processor.

  • The possible terms of termination or termination of the contract: this clause mentions the cases which may justify the request for termination of the contract by one of the parties in the event of breaches on the part of the co-contractor. All the terms of termination must be clearly stated in the contract, as well as any penalties.
  • The treatment of disputes between the parties: this clause makes it possible to provide for the course of the procedure in a dispute while specifying the competent court.

As you will have understood, drafting a maintenance contract can be complex. It is also necessary to determine the correct type of contract concerning the planned maintenance. In addition, this specific contract will involve specific clauses.  The liability issues in this area are high, and the consequences in the event of a breach can be severe: a faulty system can lead to personal data breaches. It is therefore strongly recommended to call on a lawyer for the drafting of such a contract.

What should be in a computer repair proposal?

In the proposal, a maintenance register also called "incident book, "specifications," or even "technical and functional specifications "may be provided. It generally contains information on the functioning of the software, on the various anomalies which merit interventions, and a technical acceptance report recording the information on the interventions carried out. As part of this obligation, technical, contractual stipulations such as data backup may be provided to limit the service provider's liability.

Highlighted below are some of what should be included in the proposal.

  • Heading: In this part, the contracting parties are identified with the company name, addresses, and the identity of the contract signatories. In particular, the header should contain the following wording "Agreement for the provision of maintenance service."
  • Objective: The proposal must begin with the definition of the general understanding of the parties, with explicit and specific declarations of the agreed intentions of the contracting parties. The description of the general understanding is beneficial when, in multi-year contracts, as the conditions change, it becomes necessary to make changes to the contract.
  • Definitions for the contract: Given the large number of terms used in the world of maintenance, it is good to precisely define the meaning of the terms used to bind both parties.
  • Place of Maintenance: Definition of where maintenance work must be carried out by identifying the address, building, machinery, or equipment.
  • Content: This part describes the type of work to be performed, clearly described, including the phases in which they must be carried out, the desired result, the tools used, the health and safety requirements that must be respected, the elements to be subjected to maintenance, and the qualification of workers. Often, given the body of the descriptions, this part is attached as an appendix to the contract.
  • Time: This part defines the times within which the work must be carried out and a schedule of the activities to be carried out. Furthermore, the intervention times are defined from when the ford is signalled to when the maintenance intervention is performed.
  • Impediment: The cases and consequences of impediments, reasons for program changes, and agreement procedures on any changes are defined, indicating reciprocal information obligations.
  • Technical information: These parts describe the state in which the computer that needs to be repaired/maintained is also found using a simple list describing the conditions of the computer. If the status of the equipment changes, the customer must be informed.
  • Spare parts and materials: This part describes the strategy for supplying spare parts with a description of the type of material, technical characteristics, quality, and other information related to the supply of the material.
  • Prices: In the part relating to prices, the contractor's remuneration for the execution of the maintenance service is indicated, also indicating any timing divided into work progress or objectives achieved. For maintenance contracts, various price schemes are usually used: flat rate, estimate plus cost price, price list, unit price. Once the remuneration and the relative price scheme have been defined, the costs excluded and included in the price are indicated, such as taxes, duties, travel expenses, transport, insurance, etc.
  • Payment terms: In this part, the conditions that may affect typical payments are defined: the currency, the billing method, penalties for late payment, payment deadlines, etc.
  • Guarantees: The client's rights and the contractor's obligations are defined in the event of non-execution of the activities envisaged by the contract. This part defines what the contractor guarantees, the guarantee period, the guaranteed transfer, and the procedures for the guarantee request.
  • Conditions of execution: The contract must contain a part dedicated to the specific responsibilities required by each party to allow the execution of the maintenance work. Specify the services and equipment available by all contracting parties, such as services, electricity, working hours, working conditions and environment, etc.
  • Quality assurance: Quality assurance defines the measures that guarantee the quality of the maintenance service. This part specifies the requisites of the contractor such as the possession of a quality system, the experiences and professional qualifications of the staff employed, the procedures for carrying out audits and inspections, the preparation of a quality plan, and indicators of quality that allow analysis and monitoring of the quality of the maintenance service.
  • Management and supervision: This part specifies the works and activities envisaged by the contract and the collaboration methods between the client and the contractor. 

In particular, the contact persons of the parties are indicated as the contract manager and a supervisor, each representing his party and the people to contact. The contract manager is the person in charge of the entire maintenance program. The organization chart and the appointment of any subcontractors are defined as the names of the people employed in the maintenance activities.

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