CRM Consulting Proposal Template

Create proposals fast with our CRM consulting proposal template. With the ability to easily customize the template to fit each individual project, you can save time and focus on providing top-notch consulting services that drive success for your clients.
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CRM Consulting Proposal Template
CRM Consulting Proposal Template
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Tomas Darrow
849 Green Acres Road
Herbert Obando
4662 Derek Drive
Star Bright Investment Group
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Hello Herbert Obando,

Thank you for allowing me to send you a proposal. I’m sure that after you go through it you will be able to understand what I will be doing to help you pass over to a fully implement functional CRM system, that will improve your sales, and won’t let you miss out on any possible business opportunities.

I’ve been working as a CRM consultant for the past 3 years, after a variety of experiences working as a CRM specialist for various corporations. This gave me the experience needed to go freelance and helped me fully understand the ins and outs of how established companies implement their CRM strategies. Thanks to this you will be able to implement a CRM strategy that will convert your one-off customers, to loyal ones.

In the next section of this proposal, you’ll find our ways to achieve the goals you had in mind, and possibly exceed them once the collaboration is over. If some aspects need more clarity or wish to change we’ll be happy to change them.


Tomas Darrow

Why Tomas Darrow for business services?

I will make sure that you will be able to implement and run a reliable CRM strategy that will be easy to use on your end, and will ensure that your customers are satisfied during every step. Because if your clients are satisfied with your customer relations, it’s easier to spread the word around about your brand in an organic fashion.

This is what the previous client had to say about my consultancy:

  • I always thought that spreadsheets would be the most organized way to keep track of my customers, but after talking to Tomas Darrow I realized that I couldn’t have been more wrong. Tomas Darrow helped implement a CRM strategy that was well-organized, and made running my business a breeze. - John, CEO of e-commerce business
  • After Tomas Darrow’s consultancy, my business was booming. I was happy with my previous results and wanted to increase my sales. I didn’t expect to increase them by 25% in the first quarter post-consultancy. - Mike, Entrepreneur

I make sure that my clients are ready to implement the strategies I have in mind for their business by holding their hands along the way. I make sure that every department is looked after and in my experience, this has shown the best way to improve the CRM strategy of a company. 

Project description

As per the call we had, I understand that you wish to implement a CRM strategy to improve sales, and also wish to improve the logistics of your marketing department. With my experience working incorporation I understand the importance of departments working together to push a fully functional CRM strategy and will strive to make that a reality for your business as well.

As I send out this proposal, and after our call yesterday, I’ve been researching the best software to use for your business, but it is always best to have a better understanding of your needs. If you decide to hire me as a consultant I will send you a questionnaire to see what is the best one to implement. 


Here is the plan for how my business services will help with implementing your new CRM strategy. Let me break down the specific targets and how they will be met.

  • Deciding a software to implement your CRM strategy, giving you full control and oversight over the practices you will put in place.
  • Once we have decided on the software we will sign you up and set up the billing.
  • To fully implement the CRM strategy we will need to gather as much data as possible, this will be done by interviewing people in your company. This way we have a 360° understanding of what will go into the strategy.
  • Training sessions once all is ready, will get you running your CRM strategy like a pro. Don’t worry if you don’t feel comfortable I’ll always be available to help you when you feel a bit lost.

Any adjustments to the plans can be made by sending me a message via email at or by phone.

Deadline and deliverables

It’s very important to work on this system and by respecting deadlines, we will be able to implement the strategies needed to increase your sale and create a strong loyal customer base.

  • Once the contract is signed, I will send you the questionnaire to see what is the best software for you and your business.
  • Implementation will take a total of 4 to 6 months, from setting up the software to when I switch over the CRM system to you, or whoever will be in charge of your CRM.
  • Weekly calls, or in-person meetings, will need to be in place for you to monitor the progress, and also understand all the secrets of a fully functional CRM strategy.

I will make sure you’ll have everything explained to you, or whoever will be in charge of looking over the project, and will always be available to talk if needed.

Payment terms

Projects such as this one run for several months before they finish. To facilitate these projects, I offer a schedule of payments. Here are the payment milestones:

  • 25% initial payment due upon signing the contract and before any work begins. 
  • A further 25% of the total will be invoiced once the plan has been approved.
  • The next 25% of the total will be due at the end of the 3rd quarter of the contract.
  • Payment of the remaining 25% will be due once the final weekly report is made to signal the end of the contract.

An electronic invoice will be sent once the contract has been signed. Each invoice is payable within 30 business days of receipt. Late payments may result in the suspension of work and/or late fees as specified in the contract.


Once you agree to this proposal, I will prepare a simple contract for you. The contract will reference the terms of this proposal, including any amendments you suggest. If you agree to these terms, please sign below, and return this proposal to me.

Thank you very much. I look forward to working with Herbert Obando.


Herbert Obando

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CRM Consulting Proposal Template FAQ

What Is A CRM consulting proposal template?

Before actually making any commitment, many prospective clients want to first see a proposal. This is because, in a nutshell, a consulting proposal lays out your working relationship so that both sides sufficiently understand each other's goals. Proposals are more than just a piece of paper; they mark the beginning of a vital client-consultant relationship. 

Nowadays, nearly every company has a customer relationship management system, whether a startup or a global enterprise. Most CRM systems that companies use are based on the same software, or they integrate with each other to provide a sort of universal compatibility. But no matter what kind of software a company uses, they always need assistance creating a goal-oriented strategy for managing their customer database. This is where a CRM consulting proposal template can help both businesses and organizations with their customer databases.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consulting proposal is a document that describes the nature, scope, and schedule of a CRM consulting project. A CRM consulting proposal is like a pitch to a prospective client that emphasizes the problem the potential customer is having and offers you, the consultant, as the solution. It is a detailed description that spells out the responsibilities that your firm and your prospective client will have during your contract term when signed. 

Once you get a client, your goal is to get them to use your products and services. You want to get the client so satisfied with the quality of your work, price, and time it took that they will continue using you for the long haul. This means getting them to buy into you and all that you do and providing excellent customer service. A CRM consulting proposal template typically comprises a series of sections that include contact details, the service description, the sales inquiry, encompassing a prospectus of your services to a client. The document is usually presented when prospects want to know more about your products and services to convince them to buy from you.

CRM consulting proposal template has long been the most challenging part of any business. This is because the more professional a proposal, the higher possibility it gets to be selected. Bearing this in mind, you need to ensure you prepare an effective proposal template for your Customer Relationship Management. An effective proposal can help you win big accounts, whereas an average proposal may lead to the rejection of your business plan. So, business owners need to make a positive impression on the client by creating a convincing proposal.

A proposal template is one of the most important marketing tools when engaging with customers and prospects who need CRM consulting services. The CRM consultation proposal templates come in handy when suggesting CRM applications to your potential customer. This FAQ article will help guide you in making a comprehensive plan of action that involves the utilization of new and existing documents and the creation of a strategy that will promote your brand. 

If at the end of this article you feel like creating a proposal is too much and you need further help, head out to Indy’s database of proposal templates, where you can find ready-to-use documents to download and edit according to your needs.

How to write A CRM Consulting Proposal Template

To successfully win a CRM consulting job, there is the need to make a good impression from the beginning. This is why it is essential to have a well-formatted CRM consulting proposal template. It can make or break your ability to convert potential clients if you develop a clear, brief consulting proposal. Here is how to write a successful proposal.

  • Have a conversation with your proposed client: without first speaking with your potential client, you cannot prepare a successful consulting proposal. Schedule a phone call or, if possible, a face-to-face meeting with them. Although an email may suffice to get to know your client and their consultation needs, allowing them to see your face or hear your voice will help you gain their trust.
  • Identify their problems and expectations: in creating an effective proposal, it is essential to identify and understand the client's needs and expectations. Knowing about their difficulties and pain areas will help you present a more compelling proposal. If you have to, call or contact them again to get a full understanding of what they require you to do.
  • Inquire about the specifics: a good proposal should reflect the project scope and specifics. Remember to inquire about the optimal timetable, budgets, objectives, and outcomes of your client. These facts are critical for persuading a potential client to hire you. 
  • Concentrate on the client's needs rather than consultants' opinions: while you can discuss your credentials and experience, your consulting proposal should consist more of the benefits your customer will get from working with you. Spend time clarifying the client on the value and results he should expect. Also, try to use the same terms they used in previous discussions with you; this will sound familiar to them and verify that you have been paying attention.
  • Limit the proposal to a minimum: quality matters far more than quantity when consulting proposals. To effectively convey the project scope and expectations, keep your proposal as short as feasible. Do not give your potential client a cause to put down your proposal and go look at another consultant's; instead, try to keep it short and straightforward. One to two pages is excellent.
  • Pricing strategy should always be highlighted: you want your potential client to understand that they are investing in you because you will deliver results, as hiring a CRM consultant is not a cheap investment. It's also not necessary to include a section named "Pricing Strategy." Instead, emphasize how you will be raising and driving results for their company at every turn.
  • Request feedback: a CRM consultation proposal is a two-way document, which means that both sides should have input into its content. Clarify any questions or concerns you have with your prospective client as you build your proposal. Send it to your client for evaluation and feedback after you're done

What should be in a CRM consulting proposal template?

A well-prepared CRM consulting proposal template is essential for growing your business. It will help you have stronger relationships with your clients because you are being organized and specific, so there are no communications misunderstandings. Your client will feel that you are talking to them in their language. Here are some of the main things that should be in a CRM consulting proposal template.

  • INTRODUCTION: the introduction is considered as the hook of the proposal. This part will determine if your proposal is worth the proposed client’s time or not. Here you should outline the project's scope and the problems you are trying to solve. Summarize the difficulties your potential customer is facing and the value you can bring to the table through your consulting services. You could also thank your client for taking the time to read your proposal and offer them a summary of what they can expect from the rest of it in this area. You should also include one or two words that introduce yourself and your company. While the proposal should not focus on your consulting job, it never hurts to have a brief section explaining why the client should hire you. You can reaffirm your primary abilities and skills here.
  • PROJECT SCOPE: this section is all about the steps you will take to complete the project mentioned earlier. You may face scope changes if you do not precisely explain what you will be doing for your client. For example, you can highlight how you intend to use mobile and social media integration as a customer touchpoint to increase the brand visibility of your proposed clients stating which medium you will be focused on and how you intend to do it. 
  • OBJECTIVES: it is time to persuade the client of the project's worth. Now that you've addressed both the purpose and scope of the project, what kind of outcomes do you want your client to observe once you've completed your work together? 

Unlike the deliverables part, which focuses on the actual "final specific items" you will be providing, the objectives section concentrates on the outcome once those products have been provided. It is critical to include this as early as possible in your document to ensure that your client is confident in their decision.

  • DELIVERABLES: make a list of the specific deliverables that the client will receive once you've done working with them. As a result of the project, this section defines the tangible, identifiable final "products" you will provide to your client. The deliverables are the "what" if the project scope is the "how."
  • TIMELINE: give a timetable for each single action item you listed in the "Scope" section in this section. This part is critical for clarifying customer expectations and establishing boundaries. The proposal's timeline section should provide specific project dates and deadlines for various aspects of your project. At the very least, make certain to specify the project's start and end dates.
  • PAYMENT: list your consultation rates, including what it covers, as well as how and when you would like to be paid. Include details about a specific payment portal if you propose it. If you require a down payment or a staggered fee structure, make sure to include that information as well.
  • CALL TO ACTION: finally, your plan should include a compelling call to action. Leave your email address so they can contact you. In this final piece, give clients clear guidance on how to proceed.

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