Facebook Marketing Proposal Template

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Facebook Marketing Proposal Template
Facebook Marketing Proposal Template
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Jonathan Gibson
125 West Drive
The JG Experience
Lisa Feliciano
3522 Hawks Nest Lane
Skaggs-Alpha Beta
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Greetings Lisa Feliciano,

I appreciate you giving me the chance to present you with this Facebook marketing proposal. After speaking with you yesterday, I believe I can help strengthen The JG Experience brand in the United States via a carefully-crafted Facebook marketing campaign.

During our discussions yesterday, I mentioned that I have years of professional marketing experience and have produced great results with my Facebook marketing campaigns for previous clients. Since your product sales are already on the right track, my objective is to use my expertise in Facebook marketing to do the following:

  •  Ensure you highlight what makes your product special
  • Increase your brand’s awareness on Facebook
  • Maximize use of advanced Facebook metrics
  • Garner a larger audience and convert them into a reliable customer base
  • Increase profits of The JG Experience

Please allow me to use the remainder of this proposal to outline the manner in which I would like to achieve these goals for your brand. If you have any questions or ideas about how my Facebook marketing plan could best align with your goals, please contact me via email or telephone.


Jonathan Gibson

Why Jonathan Gibson for business services?

Every business needs to show off sometimes. Use this space in your proposal to talk about your past work and competitive advantages. You could include pictures, links, and customer quotes to build up some proof about your skills.

My job as a Facebook marketer is to maximize your brand’s visibility and return on ad spend (ROAS) while growing your customer base. Facebook is revered as one of the best options for online marketing. I have helped many large and small businesses realize the full potential that Facebook has to offer.

Some of my previous clients have the following to say about my services:

  • Jonathan Gibson is incredible as a Facebook marketer. Not only did they improve my impressions and ad frequency, but they also ensured that I was able to stay within my budget through cost-effective marketing strategies. And they delivered on their promise of an increased ROAS within six months. We’ve been more than impressed! –Devin, CEO of ecommerce business
  • The Facebook marketing efforts of Jonathan Gibsonhelped identify my customer base and determine the best ways to effectively communicate with them. They discovered what my customers respond to and were able to develop new marketing strategies to maintain and grow my customer base. -Samantha, President of ecommerce business.    

My clients can attest to my professionalism, result-driven approach to marketing, and guarantee that I will meet every deadline. In addition to years of experience in Facebook marketing, I have recently earned my certification as a Facebook Certified Marketing Developer.

Project description

You introduced yourself to the client. Now, it’s time to show them you understand what they need and can deliver it for them. Write a paragraph or two in your proposal about the marketing services they need and how you can deliver them.

According to the conversation we had regarding your business goals, Lisa Feliciano aims to increase your company’s revenue by 5% over the next six months, specifically through an increase in customers attained through Facebook marketing. Your Facebook goals include improving your organic reach, engagement, and influence. You would also like to increase your average click-through rate (CTR) and better manage your cost per click (CPC). 

Jonathan Gibson specializes in creating the Facebook marketing campaign that aligns with your goals. I will develop new strategies for increasing your Facebook visibility and customer base while minimizing your marketing costs and improving your financial returns.


In this section, you can be even more specific about your marketing services. Your proposal can include specific targets to be met, software and equipment to be used, and reporting structure can be included. Cost and deadlines will be covered later.

The following is a breakdown of the ways I plan to use my services to achieve your objectives:

  • I will thoroughly evaluate the percentage of people who click on your ads after they’ve seen them (CTR). This will help gauge your ad performance.
  • Your conversion rate (CVR) will be examined to determine the percentage of clicks leading to your website that have resulted in a conversion (i.e. actual purchases, email list signups, etc.).
  • I will calculate your return on ad spend to determine the best ways to improve cost-efficiency and maximize the performance of your Facebook marketing campaigns.
  • Your cost per click and cost per action (CPA) will also be thoroughly examined.
  • After reviewing these figures, I will develop an approved action plan for optimizing these metrics, growing your customer base, and improving your return on investment.
  • Weekly reports will be provided to ensure Lisa Feliciano is notified of all progress.

You will be able to make adjustments to the plan by reaching out to me via the Slack channel or via email at jonathangibson@gmail.com.

Deadline and deliverables

You should commit yourself to reasonable deadlines. Be sure to allow plenty of time for the marketing work to be completed. Specific delivery formats can be highlighted in the proposal if this is relevant to the project.

My commitment is to ensure I meet all deadlines agreed upon between {YOUR NAME} and Lisa Feliciano and consistently produce quality work on schedule.

The milestones I agree to meet are as follows:

  • Within the first two weeks of beginning this project, your Facebook page will be audited and an action plan provided.
  • These audits and plans will be emailed to lisafeliciano@gmail.com via PDF files. You will be provided with tracking details to easily access and keep records of these documents.
  • Within eight weeks of launching the project, all action plans approved by Lisa Feliciano will be completed. I will work within the CMS determined by Lisa Feliciano.
  • Progress reports will be sent over the course of six months, beginning at the start of the project.

I take pride in offering cost-effective services that provide my clients with measurable results within the agreed upon timeframe. I am eager to provide the same quality results for The JG Experience.

Payment terms

Structuring your payments is important for your cash flow and the client’s clarity. List specific payments and dates in your proposal to avoid any confusion. You should also include details about any extra work or extra charges for your marketing services.

Projects such as this one run for several months before they finish. To facilitate these projects, I offer a schedule of payments. Here are the payment milestones:

  • 25% initial payment due upon signing the contract and before any work begins. 
  • A further 25% of the total will be invoiced once the final audit and action plan has been approved.
  • The next 25% of the total will be due once the final page has been optimized.
  • Payment of the remaining 25% will be due once the final weekly report is made to signal the end of the contract.

After the initial campaign has run and optimization of the Facebook page of The JG Experience is confirmed, any further optimization deemed necessary during the monitoring phase will be billed at a monthly rate.

Once the contract has been signed and milestones have been reached and passed, an electronic invoice will be submitted to Lisa Feliciano. Every invoice is payable 15 business days after receipt. If any payments are delayed, as noted in the contract, work may be suspended.


Once you agree to this proposal, I will prepare a simple contract for this Facebook marketing project. The contract will reference the terms of this proposal, including any amendments you suggest. If you agree to these terms, please sign below, and return this proposal to me.

Thank you very much. I look forward to working with Lisa Feliciano.


Lisa Feliciano

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Facebook Marketing Proposal FAQ

What is a Facebook marketing proposal?

Facebook marketing is a medium of marketing, based online, and suitable for both small and large businesses. Marketing is applicable in various fields, unlike other marketing, which is not versatile. Facebook is global, and this is one of the things that qualified the marketing tool as one of the best in the world. Unlike traditional marketing, this is world-class, a system where people in the other world know about your business without seeing or traveling to your locals. Aside from this, the locality and geographical marketing tools used in the marketing action differentiate Facebook marketing. For example, if you cover your local areas only, as a firm, it is possible to target this area without exceeding your marketing budget or other measures. 

The goodness of Facebook marketing brought the meaning and concept of a Facebook marketing proposal. The proposal explains how, when, and what you as a Facebook marketer do. Organizations, private individuals, and others in the business sector apply Facebook marketing to ease and smoothen their business/impacts in the world generally. For example, awareness is the first stage of marketing, especially for a new brand in the field. One of the best tools to create awareness is Facebook. As long as you need a Facebook marketer, you need a Facebook marketing proposal. 

A Facebook marketing proposal is a document in a paper or digital product that explains the collaboration between two parties – a client and the service provider (a Facebook Marketer). Many ways are employed in writing a proposal; one of the ways is via the assistance of a digital writing expert or through self-development. The latter is essential because of the experience, among other things. Especially as a newbie, you may need to see some Facebook proposal templates, then build yours as you receive inspiration from looking at the format and writing style. 

You need to know how proposals work if you must write. The beginning of a proposal shows the client what you can do –the cover page. The cover page includes several topics, graphics, and words. Well, here, you have to be captivating. That is, you must lure and push the client to move in the side you want. The proposal is similar to the request. If you want a specific value, you should ask for it – that is what proposal writing is all about. Learning how to write proposals like an expert is what you learn here. More so, some inspiring proposals are lying down here; you can check them to see how and what you wish to learn look like. 

How to write a Facebook marketing proposal?

A Facebook marketing proposal shows how you can make things work for you. The cover page is the first thing a client checks after the request for a proposal. The cover page should impress, instruct, and convert the reader. An impression is the attribute of an excellent cover page. Learning how to write a Facebook marketing proposal is the same as impressing whosoever reads your proposal. The first page includes the theme, purpose, and expectations. Likewise, a client might stop reading or call you immediately after a scan through the cover page. 

Another thing you should put in mind is the instructions. Make sure you instruct the reader in a specific direction. If you would charge a little high, you can try luring the client to agree with your budget even before declaring your mind. The beginning of the work determines your ability to convert the reader from the instructions given. Proposal writing allows you to make a choice and give an option. Another advantage is the choice you make, and you can control your client if your services are excellent. For example, if you need to change the payment rate, you can send a proposal different from the first you worked with. “How to write” proposal is by changing the client’s mind, like making the client see what you want.

The executive summary is next in the hierarchy. The summary is the breakdown of your contributions. How would you make a Facebook advert successful if you were given the opportunity? This is what you explain in the executive summary. Another way to express the executive summary is by following the earlier discussion. It is possible that the client needs your reply based on the things you talked about. In that case, you have to build an executive summary in the discussion. It would be best to make the proposal work for you by including the things the client wants to see. For example, if you are to build brand awareness in a new location, you can explain the marketing techniques you will use in succeeding in the work. 

Learning how to write a Facebook marketing proposal is simple. And this is because you have to worry less about the things you will input in the proposal. Instead, it would help if you were concerned about how you will express yourself. If you need my money, I will ask, and I shall examine the “request” as valuable. Then, I can give you my money – this is how the proposal writing works. You should list the things the client needs. Then, how would you achieve all of them? The explanation that shows the possible ways to achieve them is writing your Facebook marketing proposal.

In summary, let us consider a case study. Assuming you the job description states that “boost the sales in the children clothing section of XX company.” As a Facebook advertiser, you may use the influence of XX brand as a whole to drive leads to children’s clothing and ultimately make sales. Another approach is by making offers in the adult clothing section so that when they buy for themselves, they buy for their kids too. How can you improve the values, marketing aim, and other conditions listed by company XX? The way you answer this is the way you would write your potential Facebook marketing proposal. However, like other Facebook experts, you can use the ready-made templates to save time and energy. 

What should be in a Facebook marketing proposal?

The other part explains the mode of action, and this section is for you to know how you will execute and arrange all the list of actions from the latter part. You already learned how important a cover page is and the vitality of an executive summary. Now, learn the basics of the things that push you through the process of writing. 

Before you write, know the party/individual you are writing for. A proposal requested by a client is different from the one you write from your end. The latter is personalized and can include things like “previous interaction,” “some words that remind the clients of their suggestions or promises.” If a proposal is written anonymously or without the grant, it is more formal than the previously mentioned. So, learn all you can find about the company or individual. Make sure you have the best materials to build the Facebook marketing proposal. Although proposal differs in all areas, some of them are identical with parameters like:

  • Personal information: your information should not be the first thing in the proposal. However, the details are essential as the proposal. What if the client loves your proposal but fails to reach you – well, because the personal details are not written. 
  • Agreement: this should come after all the introduction and summaries that analyze the reason for writing the proposal. The agreement can be legally drafted or otherwise. Depending on the amount of money involved, you can claim a legal action or agreement. 
  • Your promises: this is where you show your ability. Well, the way you would solve some marketing problems and other things are the promises. You should know well enough that the client awaits your promises – irrespective of how your proposal looks or how enticing it looks, the promises should weigh deep in the client’s heart. 
  • Budget: what if you are to start now? Do not feel unprepared when you send the budget. The budget can be both money and time. How long would you take to finish the project? Marketing is funny, and Facebook marketers understand better. Calculate the estimate in your favor, at least to a certain percentage. 
  • Terms and conditions: this is what we run to, in business, during a havoc period. You cannot predict the future, and things run perfectly now; how would it be in a couple of minutes? No one can tell; likewise, no one can predict the future. That is why you should make the unforeseen circumstances a reason you should think before you finalize the proposal without the terms and conditions. 

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