Google Ads Proposal Template

Need a Google Ads proposal template to help you highlight your knowledge and win over clients? With our template, you can create professional and engaging proposals that provide a clear and effective plan for your clients’ Google Ads campaigns.
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Google Ads Proposal Template
Google Ads Proposal Template
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Elizabeth Kelly
900 Geneva Street
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Brad Schroeder
1190 Mulberry Avenue
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Thank you for contacting me. I put this proposal together based on our conversations. 

Here are a few quick observations:

  • Brad Schroeder runs multiple Google Ads campaigns to boost sales of their products. Managing over thirty campaigns simultaneously is a heavy burden and some campaigns are not being optimized properly, resulting in low click through and conversion rates.
  • Elizabeth Kelly will review the current campaigns, analyze the landing pages, and suggest changes to optimize each campaign. The primary focus will be on strengthening the ads quality score to bring down the cost of advertising.

As you continue through this proposal, you will see how my Google Ads services can help you meet your goals and your deadlines.

Why Elizabeth Kelly for Google Ads Services?

Many businesses waste a huge chunk of their advertising budget because of ads that do not convert, will never convert, and drive up their advertising costs. Simple analysis of many campaigns results in turning up negative keyword opportunities, poor targeting choices, and an underwhelming bidding strategy. My services have been instrumental in helping businesses bring down the cost of advertising even while their sales increase.

I specialize in working with B2C outlets. My Google Ads services include everything involved in a campaign, from the first idea to the final success analysis.

Here are some testimonials from previous clients:

  • Elizabeth Kelly was great to work with. He immediately spotted keyword opportunities for our campaigns, improved the ad quality score, and the result was an increase in our ROAS.
  • Elizabeth Kelly is a brilliant professional. He took over our accounts from a costly advertising firm, saw several inefficiencies, and then corrected them. Our cost of advertising dropped immediately and our conversion rates rose by 4% on average across our campaigns.

My clients value my professionalism, commitment to deadlines, and the results I give them.

Project description

Based on your information, Brad Schroeder runs over thirty simultaneous campaigns to advertise their B2C products. These campaigns are currently below average in conversion rates and click through rates. The ad costs are also above industry average. 

The first phase will be analyzing the current ad campaigns. I will examine each ad campaign to determine the best keywords to target, the correct negative keywords to avoid wasted ad spend, and improve the quality of each ad to reduce the costs.

The second phase will be optimizing the ads to improve all of the key metrics. General changes will be made first based on previous experience and analysis.

Following the general changes, each ad will be scrutinized for performance improvements as data is collected. A regular program of changes and A/B testing will be set up to iterate each ad for continual improvement.

I can use my experience and professional management tools to analyze your ads and make iterative, progressive improvements to bring the best results possible.


Here is the plan for how my Google Ads services will meet your goals. Let me break down the specific targets and how they will be met.

  • The first main objective is to improve the click through rate of each ad. The best approach is to review the keyword targeting, negative keywords, and ad creatives. Click through rates are almost always linked to audience matching and ad creatives, so this is what we should improve first.
  • Assuming the audience targeting is done correctly and the conversion rates improve, the next step is to look at the landing pages. Low conversion rates from ads that have high click through rates are usually connected to poorly optimized landing pages.
  • Once the first two steps are completed, we can begin the process of iterating on the ads and landing pages. We will make small changes, one at a time, to determine the best elements to include at every step. A/B testing will provide the data necessary to make the right optimization choices.

Any adjustments to the plans can be made by sending me a message via the Slack channel we set up or by email at

Deadline and deliverables

I am committed to meeting your deadlines and delivering quality work on schedule. Here are the milestones for this project:

  • During the first two weeks, we will set up the management of each ad account together. The initial two weeks will be used to gather data and analyze the ads.
  • Once a baseline is established, we will spend the next month optimizing each ad campaign to improve the click through rate. By the end of the sixth week of the project, each ad campaign should be optimized and the click through rates should begin to increase.
  • Following the first optimization, we will spend the next month reviewing and improving the landing pages to increase conversion rates.
  • After ten weeks, each ad and landing page should be optimized. Then we will enter the longer phase of review, iterative improvement, and reporting. The ongoing management of each campaign can continue for as long as Brad Schroeder finds value from this service.

My services have a reputation for organization, follow through, and prompt delivery. I take pride in this reputation and look forward to delivering exceptional results for Brad Schroeder.

Payment terms

Projects such as this one carry on for a number of months. To facilitate these projects, I offer a schedule of payments. Here are the payment milestones:

  • The cost per month for this service is $__________________. This is based on a working schedule of 15 hours per week.
  • During the first ten weeks, the amount of work is much higher. The initial payment for commencing the contract is a deposit of twice the normal monthly payment.
  • I will create a contract for this project. An invoice for the initial payment will be sent along with the contract. Work can begin once the contract is signed and the initial invoice has been paid.

The ongoing posting assumes a workload of 10 hours per week. If any work is required beyond this, it will be billed at $80.00 per hour.

Electronic invoices will be sent once the contract has been signed and milestones passed. Each invoice is payable within 10 business days of receipt. Late payments may result in suspension of work and/or late fees as specified in the contract.


Once you agree to this proposal, I will prepare a simple contract for this business project. The contract will reference the terms of this proposal, including any amendments you suggest. If you agree to these terms, please sign below, and return this proposal to me.

Thank you very much. I look forward to working with Brad Schroeder.


Brad Schroeder

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Google Ads Proposal Template FAQ

What is a Google Ads proposal template?

A proposal template is a document you can prepare in advance to make creating proposals for individual clients much simpler. With the right details and content pre-filled, it will be an easy process every time. By adding branding or design elements like color schemes your next submission will be ready in a short amount of time.

Your proposal template should follow a clear structure. The goal is to begin with the client's needs and then work backwards, helping them find solutions that will meet those requirements while also making their business more profitable.

Creating professional proposals can be a drawn out process if you don't use templates. During the template's creation process, designers add attractive design elements and branding to make every part of your proposal look amazing. Then when they need full-fledged versions of these presentations for clients all that hard work is already done.

Creating a proposal template is the best way to professionalize your documentation and make compelling proposals for clients. Every new project will have high-quality design, establishing you as an industry leader while making proposal creation easier than ever before.

How to write a Google Ads proposal template?

Writing a great Google Ads proposal isn’t difficult. We will show you how to build your own template in just a few easy steps!

First, you need a few things:

  • You’ll be using a document editor. You could use a separate app such as Word, Google Docs, Adobe InDesign, or Pages.
  • Indy's Proposals tool will save you time. It offers a simpler, yet still professional design tool that is great for creating proposals. The Proposals tool syncs with contract documents to make sure there are no discrepancies when moving forward throughout the process from beginning to the end result.
  • You should also have access to any external files or media you want to include. For example, you will want your logo and pictures of landing pages you have already finished.

Now that you have those things, you can begin writing your Google Ads proposal template.

The first step in creating a strong proposal template is reviewing your past successes. You'll want to look for common elements among these proposals, which can be re-used verbatim or with minor changes into the new proposal template you're drafting.

If you don’t have a completed template, then writing a proposal template from scratch using Indy’s proposal template is easy. Simply create a new template and you are ready to start editing.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. In your new proposal template, add your company information and branding.
  2. Review the sections in the template and add or remove sections as you need them.
  3. Add information to each section. Focus on what you can reuse for every client.
  4. Once you have added all the reusable information, save your work.

That’s it! Your new proposal template is finished.

As you are creating a full proposal, test the template by making note of any information that is missing. When done with your proposal, go back to add it to your template.

What should be in a Google Ads proposal template?

Google Ads can be a huge money pit for businesses. When you are pitching to these companies, creating a proposal that shows you pay attention to details will help you win more clients. 

Here are the elements we think you should include in every Google Ads proposal:

  • Beautiful Cover Page. Google Ads rely on connecting with customers instantly. Your cover page should do the same thing.
  • Service Description. This section is where you outline what your client's goals are and how they can benefit from a successful project. You should lay out the job scope clearly, as well any specific approaches that have been discussed already between these two parties involved in order to ensure success.
  • Google Ads Process and Milestones. Show your clients what you will do, when you will do it, and what they can expect for your partnership.
  • Social Proof. It's evident that you're a top-notch individual. Your client is leaning towards hiring you, and it will be an easy decision once they see all of the case studies, feedback from past clients as well as testimonials about your work ethic on my website page!
  • Costs and Pricing. Successful proposals highlight value instead of costs. Delay introducing your pricing until you have fully established the value of your services.

From here, you can wrap up the proposal template with next steps the customer can take. These can include:

  • A digital signing service for making the approval process happen much faster.
  • A standard contract your client can review. Your contract can reference your proposal to make the client-specific sections relevant.
  • You can also include a payment method here to help your client get started quickly.

Your proposal should be crafted to meet one goal: convince the potential client you are their best choice. From cover pages and call-to-actions, it's about making sure that what they see matches up with how great of an idea this is for them.

How can a free Google Ads Proposal Template help you win more clients?

The secret to winning more clients as a freelancer is to build your client’s confidence in your abilities. Proposal templates helps you do this in a few ways:

  • You can be certain that if you were to present a proposal for your potential client within twenty minutes of ending the discovery call, they would really appreciate the time and effort. A well-designed template makes this achievable with such little lead time.
  • We all know how much potential clients love beautiful designs. If your proposal doesn't look good, they're going to send it back. Make sure that what's in front of them looks amazing with an attention-grabbing color scheme and clear structure.
  • A proposal template will help you win more clients by freeing up your time. If turning the template into a live presentation takes just fifteen minutes, use that saved energy to go find even more potential customers and make those deals happen.

Those are three ways your proposal template can help you land more jobs. Get started with one as soon as possible to begin reaping the benefits.

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