Inbound Marketing Proposal Template

Looking to engage customers through inbound marketing? Our customizable inbound marketing proposal template is the perfect way to attract, engage, and win new clients.
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Inbound Marketing Proposal Template
Inbound Marketing Proposal Template
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Edwin Hood
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Pete Freese
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Hello Pete Freese,

Thank you for the phone call yesterday and our chat about your current inbound marketing efforts. As I understand it, your current content marketing and social media efforts are not paying off, and so you want some help evaluating what is going well and what should be improved.

To help you, I’ll review the content you’ve published during the past six months. The review will focus on SEO performance, click through rates, and social media tracking. The purpose of the review is to highlight what has been working and discover which parts of the less successful content can be recycled and put to better use.

Once I’ve completed the review, we’ll set up a meeting to discuss it along with some initial recommendations. Assuming we are aligned on the initial thoughts, I’ll prepare a full content and inbound marketing plan for you to review. 

Once the plan is approved, then I’ll begin working on implementing each area of the work according to the strategy we’ve agreed. 

Please have a look through the rest of this proposal. It will give you more details about how we can proceed together. If you have any questions, please get in touch.


Edwin Hood

Why Edwin Hood for inbound marketing services?

Inbound marketing is all about meeting your customers where they are and introducing them to your business, website, and services. Most inbound marketing efforts take the form of blogs, targeted organic search landing pages, and social media campaigns through influencers and branded posts.

I specialize in an integrated approach to inbound marketing. This means I focus on connecting the messaging from your blogs to your social media and landing pages. Many companies waste effort and money by running campaigns that compete with each other. My campaigns cover the best outreach efforts for each platform.

Here are some testimonials from previous clients:

  • Edwin Hood was great to work with. After just a few weeks, our leads grew. After three months, our inbound leads from all sources were up by 38%. - Dale, Sales Director
  • Edwin Hood did an awesome job for us! She helped us with a thorough review of our previous efforts, then implemented the changes she suggested. After two months, our inbound leads increased by 43% and our sales were through the roof. - Amy, Sales Manager, Ecommerce Company

Project description

Your project will proceed in roughly three phases:

  1. First will be an initial audit of your content across your website, blog, and social media channels.
  2. After the audit, we’ll arrange a meeting, or more than one, to discuss the results of the content review and make a plan for the next phases of your inbound marketing.
  3. The final phase will be producing the next few months of content. I’ll personally oversee all the writing for the website and coordinate the efforts of your team through the social media channels.

Once the final phase is finished, we can pause, review the results, and discuss the next steps for your business.


Here is the plan for how my inbound marketing services will meet your goals. Let me break down the specific targets and how they will be met.

  • Your previous content will be assessed. In particular, I will analyze the traffic, rankings, click-through rates, and conversions of your current blog posts and landing pages. A simple report will be collated to help you understand how and why the current content is not doing as well as might be expected.
  • We’ll arrange a meeting, or series of meetings, to help you understand the audit report and what we can do going forward. The second part of the reporting phase is the creation of a specific roadmap to publish more effective content during the next six months.
  • Once the plan has been agreed, I will personally write and oversee the development of all the content for the website as well as all the social media channels.

Any adjustments to the plans can be made by sending me a message via email at

Deadline and deliverables

I am committed to meeting your deadlines and delivering quality business work on schedule. Here are the milestones for this project:

  • The initial audit will take three weeks. Much of this time will be spent creating clear and actionable recommendations for your business.
  • Following this, the meeting phase should take only a few days, but this will depend on scheduling and availability.
  • The content production has not been set yet, but should take place over the course of six months following the approval of the strategy. I anticipate producing 2-3 blog posts per week and multiple social media posts every week.

My services have a reputation for organization, follow through, and prompt delivery. I take pride in this reputation and look forward to delivering exceptional results for Pete Freese.

Payment terms

Projects such as this one run for several months before they finish. To facilitate these projects, I offer a schedule of payments. Here are the payment milestones:

  • 25% initial payment due upon signing the contract and before any work begins. 
  • A further 25% of the total will be invoiced once the final audit and action plan has been approved.
  • The final 50% of the total will be paid in six installments during the final six months of the project.

Electronic invoice will be sent once the contract has been signed and milestones passed. Each invoice is payable within 10 business days of receipt. Late payments may result in suspension of work and/or late fees as specified in the contract.


Once you agree to this proposal, I will prepare a simple contract for this inbound marketing project. The contract will reference the terms of this proposal, including any amendments you suggest. If you agree to these terms, please sign below, and return this proposal to me.


Thank you very much. I look forward to working with Pete Freese.



Pete Freese

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Inbound Marketing Proposal Template FAQ

What is an inbound marketing proposal template?

If you are good at creating brand awareness for companies, you need to let prospective clients know why they should hire you with an inbound marketing proposal template. Many people believe inbound marketing is better than traditional outbound marketing. However, you need to convince the client with your inbound marketing template. Even companies that believe strongly in inbound marketing will still demand a solid proposal to convince them you are the right candidate for them. An inbound marketing proposal template is paperwork submitted by an inbound marketer to a company outlining the inbound marketing services he can render to the company and how he plans to render them. The template should contain a comprehensive scope of your inbound marketing services, your expertise and strategy, your workforce, timeframe, work condition, and pricing.

In most cases, the proposal is submitted after a meeting between the marketer and the client. Hence, it will be a follow up to an earlier discussion and one of the final steps in reviewing the marketer’s competence in handling the inbound marketing job. However, it can also precede any meeting. In that case, it will be introducing your business to your client. Whichever the case may be, you must present a proposal that will convince any CEO to let you handle his company’s discoverability.

Inbound marketing is marketing. You will introduce a company to the public without putting them under pressure to patronize it, yet the aim is patronage. Therefore, you must prove to the client that you have all it takes to play the game effectively. Your inbound marketing proposal must contain your credential as a professional and experienced inbound marketer. The client may be interested in your knowledge and skills in SEO, social media campaign, web design and optimization, content marketing, consumer engagement, and blogging. Therefore, you need to include how skilful you are in all these and other related areas in your proposal.

Another important thing is the demonstration of your knowledge of the company you are submitting the proposal to. Whether the proposal is coming after a meeting with the company’s representative or before the meeting, you must have studied the company and presented a specifically designed proposal for the company. Your proposal must be in line with the operational strategy and business policies of the company. So, how do you write an inbound marketing proposal template?

How to write an inbound marketing proposal template?

Writing an inbound marketing proposal is like the way you write any other business proposal. You must be professional in style, confident in tone, and clear. The proposal must state clearly all the services you are proposing to render to the company, how you plan to execute them, the tools you will be using and the people that will work with you. Many clients will also want to know about your qualification and competence. You may need to specify your experience in the industry, the number of similar projects you have executed and make references if they are available.

Even if you have discussed with the client before submitting the proposal, he will still use the proposal to evaluate your competence. Therefore, it is important to ensure you present a proposal that is detailed and free of errors.

The clarity of your terms is essential. While you are into marketing, your client may not. Hence you must use terms that can easily be understood. Apart from technical terms, even the language must be easy for anyone to know exactly what you are proposing. Don’t leave your client to guess. As you state, the services included in your proposal clearly include the terms and conditions. This is important to avoid future disagreements. Remember, your proposal will be the basis of awarding the contract and maybe one of the major documents for referencing throughout the project. Now let’s discuss how all these should be included in your inbound marketing proposal.

What should be in an inbound marketing proposal template?

There are many ways to write an inbound marketing proposal, but the content should be similar. Your inbound marketing proposal must contain the following:

Present an Introduction

The introduction doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it must be captivating. It should be brief and concise and let whoever is reading it understand what the document contains.

Justify the Need for the Proposal

If you have discussed it with the company before, you should state it here. Refer to what you discussed that led to the proposal.

State the Objective

Now outline all the services that you plan to render for the company. This part must contain all the services you are proposing to render. As an inbound marketer, you must include all aspects of outbound marketing. Except it has been discussed otherwise, a company will prefer to give all outbound marketing jobs to one contractor. That you can handle all also show your level of expertise in the business.

Describe Your Working Plan

There are many ways to create awareness for a company. Therefore, your clients will want to know your exact plan so they can evaluate its effectiveness. Apart from outlining your strategy, you must also state here the tools you will be using for the services. For instance, it is not enough to include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in your proposal. You must state how you plan to carry out the optimization process.

Provide Your Turnaround

As you state each step you are going to take in your proposal, also include the timeline. Many CEOs love creating schedules for all their projects.


The difference between your proposal and those of your competitors may be the price. Hence an inbound marketing proposal template without pricing is incomplete. If your services are cheaper than the industrial average, it might be your selling point. Also, if it is more expensive, you may have to indicate that you provide only premium services.

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