Influencer Proposal Template

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Influencer Proposal Template
Influencer Proposal Template
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Dale Eckman
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Joanne Crossland
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Hello Joanne Crossland,

Thanks for reaching out to me about an influencer marketing collaboration. Joanne Crossland is a brilliant brand in my space and I already use some of your products. Please check out this influencer marketing proposal and see if we can agree on the campaign goals and how to reach your target audience.

My previous influencer marketing campaigns focused on brand awareness and follower growth. Based on your DM, I think these are the focus of your marketing plans as well.

The rest of this proposal tells you about this influencer marketing campaign. Have a look and let me know how we can get started.


Dale Eckman

Why Dale Eckman for business services?

As an influencer, my channel can help you meet your marketing goals by showing your brand to more people. When I've created content for other channels, they have seen follower increases of 3% week on week during the campaigns. I've also helped brands reach new audiences, especially with crossover brands.

Here are some testimonials from previous clients:

  • Dale Eckman was great to work with. They helped us set clear expectations for our work and their content helped us smash our social media goals. We'll be working with them again! -Jill, CEO of ecommerce business
  • Dale Eckman is a brilliant professional. We wanted an influencer to help us drive traffic to our site and reach our target audience. They delivered both in spades. We couldn't be happier! -Tim, Sales Director of ecommerce business

My clients value my professionalism, commitment to deadlines, and the results I give them.

Project description

Thanks so much for your message and our chat. Based on what you said, I can help you create engaging content for all the major social media channels you are targeting. My main social channels are Instagram and TikTok, but reposts to Twitter and Facebook can drive sales and traffic for you.

My current reach across all channels is a little over 50,000 followers. This makes me one of the largest influencers in this space.

During the last influencer marketing campaign, traffic to my clients rose by 6% in the days following each content release.


Here is the plan for how we'll work together on this influencer marketing project.

  • I'll create and post new content for your target audience on my channels. The campaign duration is three weeks. During these three weeks, I'll post three Instagram ads each week and six TikTok videos featuring your product.
  • Each post on Instagram and TikTok will be reposted to my Twitter and Facebook pages as well.
  • At the end of the three weeks, the posts on my channels will remain for a period of three months. Following this, their removal will be done at your request or when I choose. There is no presumption of automatic removal or indefinite display.

Any adjustments to the plans can be made by sending me a message via private message or by email at

Deadline and deliverables

I am committed to helping you meet your deadlines and delivering quality brand promotion on schedule. Here are the next steps for this project:

  • I'll prepare a publishing strategy with ideas for each post during the campaign.
  • Once the post proposals are approved, I'll create each post as it is needed. Each post will be published on a flexible schedule, but not less than the tempo already mentioned.
  • At the end of the campaign, each post will remain live for a period of three months.

I'll use my expertise to engage your audience and connect more people to your brand. Behind the scenes, I have a reputation for being professional in my approach to influencer marketing. I hope you will feel the benefits of this professional approach during our collaboration.

Payment terms

Projects such as this one run for just a few weeks before they finish. To facilitate these projects, I offer a schedule of payments. Here are the payment milestones:

  • 25% initial payment due upon signing the contract and before any work begins. 
  • A further 25% of the total will be invoiced once the final audit and action plan has been approved.
  • Payment of the remaining 50% will be due once the final post goes live.

Electronic invoice will be sent once the contract has been signed and milestones passed. Each invoice is payable within 10 business days of receipt. Late payments may result in suspension of work and/or late fees as specified in the contract.


Once you agree to this proposal, I will prepare a simple influencer marketing contract. The contract will reference the terms of this proposal, including any amendments you suggest. If you agree to these terms, please sign below, and return this proposal to me.


Thank you very much. I look forward to working with Joanne Crossland.



Joanne Crossland

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Influencer Proposal Template FAQ

What is an influencer proposal?

Influencer proposals can teach potential clients a lot about freelancers and the services they offer. Establishing relationships with capable business partners and influencer marketing experts is also critical in the world of social media. The social media marketing proposal is a powerful tool that provides information about your influencer marketing services to potential clients. This helps them make better decisions about their partners, digital and social media marketing campaigns, captioning, video and photo editing, and other important aspects of their business. Influencer proposals should also include a strategy for either improving a company's social media performance or promoting an organization or product to the general public for consumption and review on a well-followed channel. 

A good influencer proposal achieves several objectives while also incorporating the look and feel of your personal freelancing brand into the document's design. In addition to serving as a formal business proposal to a potential client, your influencer proposal should highlight the three elements that concern clients the most: your approaches, processes, and the costs associated with each of your services. 

When it comes to writing an effective influencer proposal, strategy and outlines are essential. Using your freelance digital and social media marketing experience and background, create an influencer proposal template that you can use to streamline future freelancing proposals of the same type. 

When you're ready to present your influencer marketing strategy to a potential client, you'll need to outline your ideas in the form of a formal proposal—in order to create a functional document that also reflects the look and feel of your brand, you'll need to use the suite of editing tools supported by your document development software of choice. Examine the various options for creating proposal templates while keeping in mind your freelance business's needs as well as those of your current clients. 

Your chosen editing program should provide you with the tools you need to create a basic influencer proposal template that accurately reflects your brand while also clearly and concisely organizing all of the key elements of your influencer marketing strategy, depending on the level of functionality you expect from your document development technology. This influencer agreement itself is the most effective way to demonstrate to potential clients that you offer valuable services that can help them improve user engagement, follower count, and other influencer marketing-related aspects of their business.

The business of making our clients' freelancing workflows more efficient is our passion at Indy. A formal business or proposal letter is the most common method of communicating the scope of your work to clients, and it is essential for you to do so accurately as a freelancer. By utilizing a business proposal template by Indy, freelancers gain access to a powerful tool that helps individual business owners convey their thoughts to their client accurately and clearly.

For freelancers who prefer the ease-of-use of a word processor for the creation of their digital proposals, a document development program such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs will be a manageable and affordable option. Individuals who want to personalize their documents with their own color scheme and font family can do so using both of these programs' basic customization tools. 

Freelancers who want to speed up the proposal-writing process can use the cell-based organizational features of popular spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or Google Docs.

How to write an influencer proposal?

Before branching off into more focused sections to fully explain your ideas to a potential client—without sacrificing clarity or accuracy—include the key components of your influencer marketing plan early in the proposal. Freelancers can then use this space to elaborate on their most important strategic elements, giving the potential client a more in-depth look at each level of the plan's organization and structure. You should strive to match your audience demographics and social media activities to the client's campaign goals.

Writing the actual content that explains your influencer marketing campaign strategy in greater depth is the next step in creating your influencer proposal. Remember that the goal of your influencer proposal is to demonstrate that you understand the potential client's business needs and demands, and that your way to meet those social media goals is presented in a visual and straightforward manner. 

The next step in creating your influencer proposal will be to create content that explains your influencer marketing campaign solutions in greater detail. To successfully persuade potential clients and target audience of the value of your unique influencer marketing solutions and strategies, your proposal should highlight the following key components of your freelancing business:

  • your turn-round rate and workflow process
  • the credibility and experience of your freelancing operation
  • the flexibility of your business operations
  • the capabilities of your influencer and social media marketing campaign solutions and strategies 
  • how companies will increase their social media engagement and achieve their marketing goals by working with you

When potential clients are looking for business development and support partners, marketing professionals must demonstrate the efficiency and productivity of their own internal processes and turnover workflows. By emphasizing elements such as turnaround times and workflow processes in the influencer proposal, freelancers provide important insight into estimated project length and prioritization skills, both of which may influence a potential client's decision to work with a specific freelancer or company. 

You can begin the process of creating a proposal template after you've typed out the actual content of your influencer proposal, making sure that each subsection effectively covers all major components of your strategy. 

To create an influencer proposal that effectively communicates your ideas in a clear, succinct, and organized manner, your template should use the organizational hierarchy provided by basic document formatting functionality.

With an Indy business proposal template, freelancers can begin the proposal process with a step-by-step guide before them, ready to be filled in with all the essential components of the proposal plan according to the needs of the specific freelancer, client, or industry. These role-specific templates will give freelancers the knowledge they need to create an influencer proposal that, regardless of the industry, highlights all of the most important aspects of the strategy to the client in an elegant and succinct manner.

The number of layers in your influencer marketing campaign strategy will determine the visual appearance of your template file. You can use the formatting functionality provided by your preferred document development program to highlight various elements of your proposal based on factors such as importance, timeliness, and complexity. The format of your proposal will be determined by the complexity of your influencer marketing campaign plan. 

After you've established your document's flow and organization, you can start saving your first influencer campaign proposal as a template for future use. Choose the sharing option that best meets the needs of both you and your potential business partner, based on the document development program you used to create your influencer proposal (s).

What should be in an influencer proposal?

Every effective influencer proposal will include four basic components, including the following key elements: 

  • existing process analysis
  • project/work scope
  • deliverables, deadlines, and milestones
  • proof and terms of work

The potential client's existing social media processes and management workflows will be examined in detail as you conduct research to inform your influencer marketing strategy and subsequent proposals. Please make certain that you include all pertinent information about your observational findings in this section of your influencer proposal template. Make it a point to emphasize the effectiveness of their current social media processes, as well as the ways in which your proposed influencer solutions will improve those workflows for them in the future, when communicating with a prospective client. 

After that, the scope of your strategy and proposed action plan should be laid out in detail in the following section of your influencer proposal template. Maintain complete and accurate detail in this section of your proposal template by ensuring that all activities, tasks, and services that will be performed as part of a potential work agreement have been outlined in full. Include critical strategic elements such as posting frequency, brand guidelines, keyword monitoring, content creation and/or curation, and other relevant information. 

The scope of your work allows you to establish with your prospective client early on both the potential benefits and limitations of your influencer proposal by clearly outlining the scope of your work. Emphasize exactly what it is that you are offering your potential client in terms of the improvement of their social media strategy in this section of your proposal. Doing so helps set clear expectations for the campaign and keeps everyone on the same page.

From there, your proposal template should include all pertinent information about the project's deliverables, deadlines, and milestones, as well as any other pertinent information. You should outline the items related to the delivery of deliverable content in this section of the proposal template if your project involves a high volume of deliverable content such as social media copy or graphic design work. It is also important to include in this section of the proposal a list of all relevant deadlines and milestones pertaining to the services that are being proposed. 

Finally, your influencer proposal template should include specifics about the proof and the terms of the work that will be provided to the client. Provide an outline for how the performance of your social media campaign will be measured at the end of a specified period that will need to be agreed upon between the freelancer and the client in this section of the proposal template. 

This section of the proposal template should also include all information related to billing methods and practices, project and transaction fees, freelancer-specific workflow details, and any other policies relevant to the project as outlined by the freelancer in the proposal template section above. 

When communicating with a prospective client via digital means, it is best practice to outline next steps within the proposal itself to avoid unnecessary back and forth between the two parties. In the final version of the proposal template, it may be beneficial to include information such as agreement or proposal amendment deadlines, as well as other pertinent information. 

While the above-outlined elements are all important components of an influencer proposal template, there are a wide range of methods for producing effective, high-quality proposals. As you build out your influencer proposal template, it's important to keep in mind that the length of your proposal will vary depending on the client, and you can adapt your influencer marketing proposal template based on the unique demands and characteristics of each influencer strategy.

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