Virtual Assistant Proposal Template

Struggling to explain your value to potential clients? Let our virtual assistant proposal template do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what you do best – providing top-notch virtual assistance. With its user-friendly interface and customizable design, crafting the perfect proposal will be a breeze.
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Virtual Assistant Proposal Template
Virtual Assistant Proposal Template
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Erica Harris
1848 Hillcrest Circle
Michael Perrin
1654 Seneca Drive
Wild Oats Markets
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Hello Michael Perrin,

Thank you for agreeing to allow me to present my proposal to you. It was great to speak with you, and I look forward to working with you at Wild Oats Markets in the United States.

As I mentioned yesterday, I come from an administrative/secretarial/PA background and have built the skills and experience in providing virtual assistant services. It’s my goal to focus my skills on Wild Oats Markets to increase your administrative capabilities across all departments so that your teams can concentrate on growing the business.

My proposal details how I hope to achieve this and outlines my creative process. If you have any questions or thoughts about how my services can better fit your needs, please reach out, and we can set up a phone call. I'm happy to adjust.


Erica Harris

Why Erica Harris for business services?

My work enables companies like yours to handle the overflow of administrative tasks, so your teams can focus on their job roles without wasting time on day-to-day admin. I’ve been assisting companies with managing their admin and secretarial requirements for more than five years.

Here are some testimonials from previous clients:

  • Erica Harris was great to work with. They quickly understood what we needed, adapted to our systems, and hit the ground running. We’ll definitely use their services again. -Jill, CEO of eCommerce business
  • Erica Harris is a brilliant professional. They mastered our systems quickly, started the work, delivered on time, and amazed us with the results. Having a virtual assistant on board has allowed our sales team to focus on our customers. -Tim, Sales Director of eCommerce business

My clients value my professionalism, commitment to deadlines, and the results I provide.

Project description

Based on the information you have provided, Michael Perrin needs support with a variety of administrative and secretarial tasks, including appointment scheduling and making travel arrangements. While Michael Perrin has a significant presence on social media channels, it is not continuously optimized, and content posting can be erratic. Erica Harris will familiarize themselves with your CMS and other software systems, your procedures, and staff to understand the requirements.


Here is the plan for how my virtual assistant services will meet your goals. Let me break down the specific targets and how they will be met.

  • Familiarization with Michael Perrin’s CMS and other software systems, procedures and processes.
  • Liaise with Michael Perrin's department heads to understand their administrative needs.
  • Set up the necessary access requirements with Michael Perrin’s systems.
  • Establish a timetable that covers Michael Perrin’s virtual assistant needs according to each department’s needs.

Any adjustments to the plan can be made by sending me a message via Slack or by email at

Deadline and deliverables

I am committed to meeting your deadlines and delivering quality virtual assistant work on schedule. Here are the milestones for this project:

  • All virtual assistant work will be agreed upon in advance every week with relevant department heads. 
  • Action plans will be delivered as PDF files to be signed-off before work commences.
  • The approved action plans will all be completed every week, and all work will take place on the CMS and other systems of Michael Perrin.
  • Weekly reports will be produced throughout the project. These will be sent as PDF files to

My virtual assistant services are highly regarded for organization, follow-through, and prompt delivery. I take pride in this reputation and look forward to delivering exceptional results for Michael Perrin.

Payment terms

Projects such as this one run for several months before they finish. To facilitate these projects, I offer a schedule of payments. Here are the payment milestones:

  • 25% initial payment due upon signing the contract and before any work begins. 
  • A further 25% of the total will be invoiced once the final audit and action plan have been approved.
  • The following 25% of the total will be due once the final page has been optimized.
  • Payment of the remaining 25% will be due once the final weekly report is made to signal the end of the contract.

All work will be monitored and assessed during the length of the project. Any extra work in addition to the agreed weekly work list will be billed monthly at a rate of $65 per hour.

An electronic invoice will be sent once the contract has been signed and milestones passed. Each invoice is payable within 10 business days of receipt. Late payments may result in the suspension of work and/or late fees as specified in the contract.


Once you agree to this proposal, I will prepare a simple contract for this virtual assistant project. The contract will reference the terms of this proposal, including any amendments you suggest. If you agree to these terms, please sign below, and return this proposal to me.

Thank you very much. I look forward to working with Michael Perrin.


Michael Perrin

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Virtual Assistant Proposal Template

What is a Virtual Assistant Proposal Template?

A person doesn’t necessarily have to work from a client’s office. Virtual assistants regularly work from a workspace but can access essential arranging records, like shared schedules, remotely. People hired as virtual assistants usually have been clerical specialists or office managers for several years. New openings are made for virtual assistants experienced in social media, content management, blog post writing, graphic design, and Internet marketing. As working from home has become an exciting deal for both the worker and employer, the involvement of gifted virtual assistants is relied upon. 

Virtual assistants have become more unmistakable as both private and new companies rely on virtual workplaces to minimize costs. Many organizations use the internet for their daily tasks. Since a virtual assistant is a freelance entity, a business is not expected to provide similar advantages or pay the equivalent charges that it would for a permanent employee.

A virtual assistant proposal is a formal offer that allows you to present the services you offer for a particular task and sell your skills. It is usually consulted when a client requires the assistance of a virtual assistant and aims to carry out a specific task efficiently and effectively.

A virtual assistant proposal aims to persuade your clients that hiring a virtual assistant for their job is a good idea and will yield a significant dividend for them. This is because it relieves the workload from them, and they are assured of an efficient job while performing other tasks. Presenting the whole of this information in an arranged and organized format will earn you a job and at the same time prove to the client that you truly know what you are doing.

A virtual assistant proposal template is a document used to secure a virtual assistant job. This document summarizes the proposed plan of action on how a task will be carried out or implemented. The mode of writing this document can vary depending on the client. The virtual assistant proposal allows you to avoid any misunderstanding that may arise along the line by providing you with the exact mode of operation, thus making your job easier and achievable.

For the customer, a virtual assistant proposal template helps the contract for the administrations they need. 

Depending upon the details of the arrangement, some virtual assistants might be paid by the tasks as opposed to hourly. Interestingly, workers in a conventional office setting generally should be paid for a decent amount of hours out of each day. 

For small business owners, the proposal template can assist them in freeing up important hours to concentrate on building the business and yield income. It can be easier and savvier to outsource tasks that are dreary and tedious to an expert who is more knowledgeable in the area of specialization.

How to Write a Virtual Assistant Proposal Template

While writing the proposal template, try not to be amateurish. Be even-minded, energetic, indifferent, and formal. Attempt to be convincing and discretionary. Tackle your customer's perplexing inquiries utilizing strategy ways. Try not to imagine a smart ass, be fair and striking, stay away from all sorts of superfluous words, and portray your fundamental abilities related to work. Also, make your composition exact, tedious, and subjective. Quantity matters less; instead, quality is the final offer of a virtual assistant proposal template. 

The market for virtual assistants is multiplying. Around 10,000 offers are being posted and recruited every day. To get this chance, you need the most elite proposal template for Virtual Assistant. You must be persuasive enough to show that you are the perfect individual to make it happen. The Proposal template is known as a Cover Letter. You need a viable virtual assistant proposal/Cover Letter to land the position. You need to show your craftsmanship in the letter, so the client is intrigued. Make the cover letter unique and attractive to the clients. Remember that you're competing with thousands of applicants; your work must be fascinating enough to get you employed. Using a visually appealing structure can help your work stand out.

Make sure your work is organized and written in a simple and easy-to-understand format. The clients are more interested in your ability and not the language. The clients do not have the luxury of time to scrutinize everyone's work; all you need do is make your cover letter stand out. Avoid too many words in your introduction. Make it captivating enough to win the heart of the client.

  • Your proposal must be professional. Most business proposals appear to have been written by professionals. If there are mechanical errors, you can employ the help of an editor to help look over, make necessary adjustments, and include all the elements that showcase your work better. Include some of the tasks you have done to help boost your chances of employment. Show your previous achievement records and occupation accomplishment to draw in the clients. Make this achievement specific and relevant to the task ahead of you.

What Should be in a Virtual Assistant Proposal Template

The main thing a client sees about you is your Cover Letter. Your Proposal template for Virtual Assistant should have some visual characteristics to make an effect upon the peruser. Feature your most alluring capacities to the clients. For a powerful Proposal template, keep these things in mind;

  • Introduction: The proposal can start with a sentence that succinctly outlines the goal of the project. Make a decent greeting that should be brief, and appreciate the client for showing interest in your service. Use words that will draw your client's attention to you, clearly state your name and address.
  • Benefits: tell the clients the benefits your service will provide. You can include your achievements here. This part allows you to identify your forte and what makes you unique. The ability to write this well will pick the interest of the client. Show your instructive foundation. Tell your client the things you are best at. Your proposal should include every ability that your client needs. Feature your experience. Show you have 5-6 or more long stretches of involvement. You must be exceptionally persuasive to coordinate with your customer's requirements. 
  • Service: this has to be concise. It should contain information on what the client is agreeing to. Provide enough information to explain what you are bringing to the table. Show the estimated number of hours you are willing to work and the amount you charge for a task. You must be sensible enough with your cost. This will help the client know whether it fits within their budget or not. State what you will need the client to provide for the completion of the task and the expected period of completion.
  • Show that you are available 24 hours per day. Be quick in offering and reacting. 
  • Give your contact details. This part entails informing the client on what to do when they are ready to choose your service. Tell them whom to call when there are questions. This section should stand out or be easy to locate. It should include your company’s email, office address, phone number. This allows the client to access you easily.

Writing a virtual assistant proposal template can be a tedious task, especially if you are a newbie. To help you with this, Indy has prepared a database of proposal templates that are ready to use and customizable. Chose one that matches the project you are working on, add or remove anything that you feel is not necessary, and send it to your client for approval.

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