Web Audit Proposal Template

Prospective clients need a clear, concise way to view your services. With our customizable web audit proposal template, you can create professional and comprehensive proposals that showcase your experience and highlight the areas where your clients’ websites can improve.
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Web Audit Proposal Template
Web Audit Proposal Template
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Angela Masters
3473 New Creek Road
Groove Digital
Duncan Sayre
4492 Jett Lane
Target Realty
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Hello Duncan Sayre,

Many thanks for allowing me to present my proposal to you. It was great to speak with you yesterday, and I look forward to working with you to improve and enhance the website of Target Realty in the United States.

As I mentioned yesterday, I am a website developer, so I have a good understanding of optimizing company websites to increase brand awareness and customer engagement. Target Realty's website is promoting your products well, but my goal is to conduct a thorough website audit to identify areas where you can increase brand awareness and get more people to interact with your company.

My proposal details how I would like to achieve this and outlines my creative process. If you have any questions, please reach out, and we can set up a phone call.


Angela Masters

Why Angela Masters for business services?

My website audits enable companies like yours to optimize their online presence, increasing brand awareness, usability and customer engagement. I’ve been working with companies auditing their websites for more than five years.

Here are some testimonials from previous clients:

  • Angela Masters was great to work with. They quickly identified the areas of our website that were performing poorly; we made the recommended adjustments and saw a 5-fold increase in user activity and new customers within days. We’ll definitely use their services again. -Jill, CEO of eCommerce business
  • Angela Masters is a brilliant professional. They explained how the audit would work and projected outcomes, started the work, delivered on time and amazed us with the results. -Tim, Sales Director of eCommerce business

My clients value my knowledge and professionalism, commitment to deadlines as well as the results produced.

Project description

Based on your current website, Duncan Sayre needs to improve visitor usability, increase the speed of page loading, identify any SEO issues, analyze the design of the website, locate any technical areas, and generally improve customer engagement for a more interactive, user-friendly, dynamic website. Duncan Sayre offers excellent products at reasonable prices but with low conversion rates, which is likely due to the website not delivering for customers rather than the products on offer. Angela Masters will audit the entire website and make recommendations on where the website can be improved, as necessary, to meet brand awareness, increased usability conversion rate targets.

Conversion rate optimization is one of the areas the client has highlighted and would like to see an increase between 2% - 4%.


My proposal for how my web audit will meet your goals is broken down into specific targets and how they will be met.

  • Each page of the website will be audited with relevant software, and an audit and action plan for each page will be prepared for your review.
  • Each page will be improved based on the approved action plan.
  • Results will be monitored over a period of six weeks using Google Analytics and Data Studio.
  • Weekly reports will be sent to Duncan Sayre to highlight progress and highlight any issues that need to be addressed.

Any adjustments to the plans can be made by sending me a message via Slack or by email at angela.masters@gmail.com.

Deadline and deliverables

I am committed to meeting our agreed project deadline and delivering a high-quality website audit on schedule. Here are my milestones for this project:

  • Each page will be audited with an action plan within the first two weeks of starting the project. 
  • Audits and action plans will be delivered as PDF files, set up with a sign-off system to track progress.
  • The approved actions will all be completed within six weeks of launching the project. 
  • Weekly reports will be produced for a period of six months from the start of the project detailing progress and results and will be sent as PDF files to targetrealty@gmail.com.

My highly reputable website audit is known for thoroughness, organization, follow-through, and prompt delivery. I take pride in this reputation and look forward to delivering exceptional results for Duncan Sayre.

Payment terms

Projects such as this one run for several months before they finish. To facilitate these projects, I offer a schedule of payments. Here are the payment milestones:

  • 25% initial payment due upon signing the contract and before any work begins. 
  • A further 25% of the total will be invoiced once the final audit and action plan have been approved.
  • The following 25% of the total will be due once the final page has been optimized.
  • Payment of the remaining 25% will be due once the final weekly report is made to signal the end of the contract.

All audited website pages will be optimized once during the process. If further optimization is required during the monitoring phase, any extra work will be billed monthly at a rate of $65 per hour.

An invoice will be sent via email once the contract has been signed off and the milestones passed. Each invoice is payable within 10 business days of receipt. Late payments may result in the suspension of work and/or late fees as specified in the contract.


Once you agree to this proposal, I will prepare a simple contract for this website audit. The contract will reference the terms of this proposal, including any amendments you suggest. If you agree to these terms, please sign below, and return this proposal to me.

Thank you very much. I look forward to working with Duncan Sayre.


Duncan Sayre

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Web Audit Proposal Template FAQ

What is a web audit proposal template?

It can be a profitable investment to have a web audit done on your website. A professionally done audit on a proposal template that convinces decision makers to invest time and money will be worth the investment. There are several reasons why businesses should consider auditing their website. Here are the top reasons why a web audit proposal template from Indy would benefit you the most.

  • See where the problem areas are (if any)  
  • Organize all the findings into one proposal. Adding business goals will also help comb out the scope of work.
  • An opportunity to review and measure all budget guidelines that will be needed for the website improvement project
  • Explain in detail the opportunities you have found on the website during the audit and why it will benefit the company in the long run to invest in it
  • Present the findings on what the audit stated
  • Explain the strategies that will be taken to improve the website

 By explaining each of these crucial audit points in your web audit proposal, CEOs will have an easier time investing in the project. By educating the client a bit on how a web audit works, what it consists of, and what findings you have, it can majorly convince them that this is what they need for the company to thrive. 

How to write a web audit proposal template?

The best way to create a web audit proposal is on a template. Indy’s personalized web audit proposal template includes everything you need to win over a client and a contract. To write a web audit proposal that will surely get you the contract of a lifetime, make sure to include this outline:

Set the Website Audit Checklist

There are many things to take into account in getting ready to audit a website that makes lots of profit. The more revenue it drives in, the more important this tedious task is. Be sure to include aspects like the sales goals, the marketing goals of the business, the effectiveness of data and analytics, web design, the ease of CMS management for the website, and usability. You also may want to add important digital aspects of the company website like how user-friendly it is (the usability of it), content, the quality of the content for search engine optimization, as well as security. Are the client’s customers on a trustworthy site? Can they trust to enter a credit card number into the system without any problems happening down the road? These are all excellent points to consider when performing a full company website audit.

Marketing and Strategies

In this section, explain all the strategies you plan on using in order to resolve the issue the client is facing in the digital world. This is the perfect place to also explain the goals that you plan on achieving with the given strategies. Describe what a successful resolution would look like for the client and what that would mean for them. Are there leads currently being generated by the company website? If not, what is the issue and explain how to fix it. Check if the company website is generating an overall positive growth in the right direction, or if it is declining and why.

Effectiveness of Audit

This is the place where you have to be extremely detailed on each of the web pages. Check if at least one call to action is integrated in the page. It is a good idea to also check and see that each page’s purpose is clear for the user. What is the point of a specific landing page? If you are scratching your head trying to figure it out, make sure to point it out at the time of the presentation. Understand if there is email marketing in place and if it has a strategy behind it.

Design of Website

Are the web pages on the company website filled with backlinks leading to other pages of the website? Double check that each of the landing pages are filled with hyperlinks, headers, sub headers, navigation, and text. This will ensure a healthy website that could keep up with the competition. Make sure that the images on the website are consistent with the overall message, and that each of them are free from copyright infringement.    


Test how easy it is to use the company content management system. Is every social platform for the company included? Are all direct messages and emails being responded to in a timely manner? Check the easiness of things like embedding videos, uploading content to webpages, posting and uploading blogs, uploading images, adding events, and updating team changes. See if it correlates on the front end of the website too.


Double check to see if the company website has a mobile app as well as a desktop version. Also check for the responsiveness of the website – does it crash a lot or is it slow to load? Time how long it takes the homepage to completely load; the faster the easier it is for search engines to discover it. These are important things to catch and present to the executives in the web audit proposal template. A good thing to search for are the top things users visit the website for. Once that is figured out, see if it is possible to perform the functions with ease.

SEO Practices

Making certain that things like alt image tags on photos are inputted correctly, description tags are in place, and title tags are a for sure thing. Are longtail keywords entered into the content correctly and with ease? Avoid keyword stuffing on the webpages, as this can drive the website credentials down. Also check to see if both inbound and outbound hyperlinks are being utilized and active. If not, moving the link elsewhere or entering an entirely new one will be sufficient.  


One of the most important things to look out for, making sure the web copy and all content on the website is unique, original, informative, and engaging. The golden rule to checking content for your web audit proposal is ensuring all text is being written for a human, not a search engine. Be weary of duplicate content ono several web pages, as each page should be unique and filled with interesting copy. Check the grammar and punctuation on the pages, as it is important to have everything written free of mistakes. Also see if a blog is available, or how the company delivers its users fresh content often. This is another point of importance that should be addressed in the content world.  


See if an SSL (or secure socket layer) certificate is in place for the company website. This is an important blanket layer of security to keep customer’s privacy safe and secure. It is a great sign of a trusted site and can bring good brand trust just by having it. Another thing to focus on is if the content management system is running on the latest version. This can have a negative effect on the website if it is not.  

What should be in a web audit proposal template?

Giving a letter grade A through F for each and every part of the website will give the executives of the company several ideas on how it is performing. This way, both the strengths and weaknesses of the site will show through, and you can begin working on problem solving the opportunities immediately.

There are excellent tools on the market that will allow you to audit the website in a safe, detailed, and fast way. SEM Rush, Google Analytics, Website Grader, and the Website Self Audit Kit are all excellent tools to use to discover the health of your website. Once the grading has been done, now you can move onto aligning the business goals. Lean heavily on the details of the opportunities the company faces. Present all the findings you discovered while auditing the website. Explain to the CEO what the business goal is in your perspective and how to accomplish it. From there, budget limits and guidelines could be explored. Be realistic and detailed with the client when it comes to this. Do not overpromise results in a short amount of time, as it is worse to do this than giving a very real and doable deadline. After every aspect of the company website has been discussed with the executives, now is the time to begin improving the website. Keep in mind, regularly performed audits have the opportunity to increase things like direct website traffic, brand trust, and bringing company awareness to the forefront. This will eventually lead to an improved online presence as well as user experience.   

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