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Indy helps you manage your entire business. Send proposals, sign contracts, track billable hours, create invoices, and receive payments all in one place.

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Project portals
Time Tracker
Indy Project portals
Project portals
Your single, shared space where all of your work lives. Bring clients into your workspace so you’re always on the same page even when you’re not in the same room.
Indy Calendar
Schedule meetings and keep tabs on your work with day, week, and month views.
Explore Calendar
Integrates with: Google calendar
Indy Contracts
A simple editor to create, sign, and send contracts to your clients in minutes.
Indy Files
Store, track revisions, and get feedback and approval on your work files.
Indy Forms
Grow your leads, gather project information, request testimonials, and more.
Indy Invoices
Easily generate and send invoices—get paid faster than ever.
Indy Proposals
Secure clients and begin projects faster with engaging, easy-to-create proposals and estimates.
Indy Tasks
Keep track of all your project work with simple task management.
Indy Time Tracker
Time Tracker
Record, report, and get paid for your time—all at the same time.

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9 tools. 1 place. Countless hours saved.

Cancel those other subscriptions. You can save time and money by using Indy to run your business with one subscription, one website, and helpful tools for your important tasks.

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What makes us Indy?

Indy cuts out all the fluff to give you the exact tools you need to manage your business, making it super easy to get started the moment you join, and all at an unbeatable price.
Because you deserve to have tools that are made for you!
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Organize your projects like a boss,
without wasting hours on spreadsheets and admin

Indy does the hard work of organizing projects for you. Our system helps you link client and project information to your work because no one wants to waste time looking for information they already have. Instead, Indy’s project dashboard gives you updates at a glance.


Keeping tabs on your contacts is simple with our lightweight CRM capabilities. Each person’s contact page automatically organizes all the invoices, files, and other documents you’ve shared with them.

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You can manage each project’s status, tasks, chat messages, and related documents from one dashboard.

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Integration for every situation.

Streamline your work
Connect Indy’s tool suite to Zapier and Google Calendar to create powerful new workflows.
Integrated online payment
Automated payments with PayPal and Stripe. Accept major credit and debit cards with no additional fees.

Problems & Solutions

The indie life is complex.
We make it simpler.

I spend a lot of time creating invoices and then I don't get paid for weeks.
You can build an invoice in minutes with Indy and your clients can pay it online using major payment options like Stripe and Paypal. Plus, Contracts helps you define your payment schedule and terms to give you another layer of protection.
I’m great at my work, but not at looking like I’ve got it all together.
Proposals and Contracts help you start new work relationships off on the right foot. They're easy to create and look super clean and professional. Get started quickly with Contract Templates and Proposal Templates.
It's hard to stay organized when I have so much going on.
Keep on track of what's happening each day with Calendar and stay of top of your to-do's with Tasks. Plus, the People and Projects spaces actively keep everything organized for you.
I'm using a different tool for every part of my business.
Indy brings all the different parts of your business together. When it's all under one hood, it's easier to keep track of everything. Think of it as your command center.
Keeping track of new business leads can be difficult.
Create a web form with Forms, add it to your website, and when responses come in, add new leads to your contacts. You can classify contacts as Leads, Clients, or Other.
Getting work approved can be a complicated process.
With Indy, you can share files easily with your clients. Add them as an approver, leave comments for each other, upload new versions as revisions, and get official approval-all in the same place.
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