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5 Signs You Will Enjoy Working as a Freelancer

Dec 20, 2020
(updated: Dec 2, 2022)
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If you find yourself fantasizing about working from home, then a freelancing career could be the perfect fit for you. But there is more to freelance life than meets the eye. Just because you may have the right sets of skills to complete freelance jobs, that does not automatically guarantee happiness with freelance life. The truth is that self-employment is ideal for some people but is a poor fit for others. Below are five signs you will enjoy life in the freelance lane.

Sign #1: Full-time 9-5 jobs sound boring

Does the prospect of sitting at a cubicle desk for 8 hours evoke feelings of dread and boredom? If your answer is "Yes!", then consider these benefits of freelance life that many people find attractive:

● Flexible hours: Independent workers often set their own hours. Working part-time, full time, at night, or in the mornings are all viable options.

● A wide variety of jobs: You can choose from multiple freelance jobs instead of being obligated to complete assigned tasks by an employer.

● Work/life balance: Self-employed people can achieve work/life balance by carving out more time for family, friends, and spiritual activities.

Sign #2: Working from home is easy for you

Working from home is not always as enticing as it sounds - especially if there are children and pets in the home. But if you are good at managing time, setting boundaries, and eliminating distractions, then you already have many of the qualities required to be successful.

Before diving head first into self-employment, it's wise to ask some independent contractors who work from home, "Do you enjoy working as a freelancer?" Their responses will provide valuable guidance on making the transition to working from home.

Sign #3: You like to go out and find clients

Freelance jobs don't grow on trees. And becoming a successful freelancer is not a process that magically unfolds. Achieving success requires dedication, hard work, and confidence promoting your skills. Finding new clients may require ongoing outreach, marketing campaigns, and door-knocking. Here are some ways to attract new clients:

● Social media promos: Launching special promotions or offering a gift certificate on social media are effective ways to find clients.

● Live events: Attending conferences, trade shows, expos, and other live events is a great way to meet new clients face to face.

● Website activity: Many independent workers have their own websites with blogs, articles, videos, and other content to attract new clients.

Sign #4: Exploring new job sites is fun for you

Freelance life is full of surprises. With each new client comes a new set of surroundings. And in some cases, you'll even need specific sets of skills. If you enjoy meeting new people and visiting new offices on a regular basis, then being self-employed might turn out to be a natural fit. But if you prefer a more predictable work environment, then a regular full-time job might be a better fit for you.

Sign #5: You like dictating your income

Some people welcome the stability and comfort that comes along with having a full time job and predictable income. Freelance workers, on the other hand, often seem to thrive knowing they are in charge of their own income. That being said, freelance life can be stressful for people with limited cash flow who need a dependable source of regular income.

While you may ultimately generate a healthier income than a full-time job, it can take months or years to establish a large customer base with steady flow of freelance jobs. Ultimately, it's up to you to take time to learn the sets of skills needed to hit the ground running. Through dedication, preparation, and hard work, you can enjoy a rewarding freelancing career.

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