Architecture Proposal Template

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Architecture Proposal Template
Architecture Proposal Template
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Rosemary Lodge
325 Oak Drive
Better Builders
Ivory Hubbard
1917 Calico Drive
Specialty Restaurant Group
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Hello Ivory Hubbard,

As we discussed in our previous emails I’m sending you this proposal regarding the renovation project that you wish to have done in your house. I’m sure that my team and I will be able to render the vision you have for your home a reality, 

My team and I have been working on renovations for the past 10 years, for private homes, offices, and retail stores. After seeing your house I am sure that we will be able to create an amazing home for you and your family, that will be enjoyed for the years to come.

Below we’ll be discussing the ways in which we wish to accomplish the renovations in question, and wish to make sure that your family and our team are on the same page, regarding timing, and ideas to improve your home.


Rosemary Lodge

Why Rosemary Lodge for business services?

We pride ourselves on working as an architectural firm for the past 10 years and have renovated homes, office spaces, and retail stores. Making people’s dreams come true.

Here are some testimonials from previous clients:

  • Rosemary Lodge firm helped us renovate our house after flooding took place in our basement, they didn’t only organize the construction work but proposed a new and improved living space in the basement that blew us away. - Lisa, Homeowner
  • We called Rosemary Lodge after seeing the work they’ve done for Flexus’s offices. After explaining what my company wanted for the new open office space we acquired, we received the plan and were in shock. - Joanne, CEO of business

We want to ensure that any vision you have for your home comes true, and that we are able to do just that for our previous clients.

Project description

The project in question is a renovation of a home you’ve owned for the past 15 years. The home in question isn’t in any nefarious conditions so the work will only be aesthetic. Once we talk to the city council regarding the structure of the home, we will come up with a plan for making rooms bigger, or adding walls if needed.

After the first month, we will come up with new plans for your home’s renovation, based on your suggestions.


Here we plan to structure the renovation in question. Let me break down the specific targets and how they will be met.

  • Once we’ve talked to the city council regarding the structural integrity of the house, we will start discussing the renovations needed.
  • After we come to an understanding of what can and cannot be done, we will start to create the renders needed to show you our plans for your home.
  • Once the renders are ready we will show you the first draft of what renovations could take place, obviously keep in mind that you have full control and need not hesitate if something isn’t of your liking.
  • Once we agree on the renovations that need to take place, we will take care of the construction part, in which the house must be vacated. During this time we will send emails to you and your family every week, so you know what is going on and how the work is progressing.

Any adjustments to the plans can be made by sending me a message, an email, or calling me at (310) 310-2218.

Deadline and deliverables

We want you and your family to enjoy your new home as soon as possible, but need to ensure your safety once you go in and stay. To ensure this the whole process will take from 12 to 15 months. Below I’ll outline some deadlines we wish to respect.

  • Within the first month, we will ensure that the structural integrity of the house is in order, and any renovations we had in mind do not jeopardize it.
  • After the second month, we will create the renders that will be sent to you and your family, so you can pick what style you wish to have your home in.
  • After the renovations are accepted we will begin demolition and renovation. This can take from 10 to 12 months, based on the home and materials needed.

We cannot wait to work on this project for you, but we do want to make sure that everything is clear, so if there are any doubts or uncertainties do not hesitate to contact us.

Payment terms

Projects such as this one run for several months before they finish. To facilitate these projects, I offer a schedule of payments. Here are the payment milestones:

  • 25% initial payment due upon signing the contract and before any work begins. 
  • A further 25% of the total will be invoiced once the action plan has been approved.
  • The next 25% of the total will be due once the renovations are halfway done.
  • Payment of the remaining 25% will be due once the renovations are over signaling the end of the contract.

An electronic invoice will be sent once the contract has been signed. Each invoice is payable within 60 business days of receipt. Late payments may result in the suspension of work and/or late fees as specified in the contract.


Once you agree to this proposal, I will prepare a simple contract for you. The contract will reference the terms of this proposal, including any amendments you suggest. If you agree to these terms, please sign below, and return this proposal to me.

Thank you very much. I look forward to working with Ivory Hubbard.


Ivory Hubbard

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Architecture Proposal Template FAQ

What is an architecture proposal?

Architecture displays structures in the most pleasant ways; the ability to please anyone with design is the power of architectural works. The person that does this is referred to as an architect. One thing that differentiates architects is the ability to propose what they want and get them approved. Several approaches are employed to get projects approved by clients, but one thing that matters is the qualities and sense of qualification perceived by the client after reading the proposal. The client certainly needs the job, and the ability to bid using the right resources determines whether the work becomes yours or others. Writing proposed jobs, in the form of proposal writing, is means, among the various ways to seal a project.

Architecture proposal develops virtual ideas into reality by visualizing the designs in the reader's mind. Suppose a client demands an architecture proposal, the person would begin to imagine the success of the explained values in the proposal and the chances of you fulfilling them. Architecture proposal communicates ideas and shows the reality of the concepts involved in reaching the end goal. Architecture proposal is much valued, unlike mere words without steps and agreements. The proposal includes a section of approval and legal contracts, making it count better than just "words." And this is one of the reasons the tools used in writing a proposal are crucial to validate the submission; even the need for experts/consultation is essential.

An architecture proposal template is a platform a seller shows the buyers what they are willing to offer by applying the principles of proposal writing. Here, the concept, bids, and agreements are clearly stated. The main thing that differentiates an "architecture proposal" from an "architecture proposal template" is the "template." The architecture proposal template is the final agreement stage showing the overall contribution of the architecture in achieving the proposed project after considering the budget, timeline, and delivery model. Although the general knowledge of writing a proposal is the same thing used in writing an architecture proposal, downloading a finished proposal that requires slight editing in meeting the taste is far better. 

The purpose of an architecture proposal template is to convince clients of the merits of a design and expertise. You want to show the designs you always desire to sell to people willing to buy. The competition is relatively higher than you imagined. Others want to sell like you; building the best architecture proposal template with your contribution, values, and solutions is a leading step to success. 

The architecture proposal templates serve as a guide to a building contractor and record the completed work. Record is vital in construction; it validates the final output as was proposed initially. Also, it gives the builder the same advantages as the client on their legal agreements. These agreements are records documented for future use/unpredicted circumstances. Unless changes occur in the operational system, an architecture proposal template validates each step involved in the design process, including budget distribution and timeline. 

How to write an architecture proposal?

Life allows you to decide how you make the best of the scenario when a client asks you to submit a proposal or at least defend an initial prospect. The idea of writing a proposal or why a client demands a proposal is to the documentation of a legal letter or breakdown explaining how you can impact the client's projects. Often, clients require the proposal to eliminate competitions since they observe a qualified candidate via the written proposal. Thus, your proposal represents your values on the client's side – write it better and have the best result. Everyone may not be chanced to write from scratch; you can use readymade proposal templates, especially when clients request impromptu proposals with a tight deadline. 

An architecture proposal should first display your qualification statement. The statement shows how you are qualified as an architect and connects you with the present task in check. You should put the statement of qualification on the front page because many clients want to know who they might end up employing. Telling a story (success story, self-inspiring story) is a way to gain the client's attention. 

When you have your client's attention, show what you can do. This is best displayed with superb graphics in action. Architecture is a design and representation of structures; words are not enough to express your abilities. It would be best to have solid and captivating graphics: charts, graphs, and other measures to validate the qualifications you claim in the architecture proposal. Another approach is to focus on some selected tasks. Unlike the broad case of walking your client through many capabilities, you may narrow the reader to points chosen to gain the client's interest. The best proposal is written from interviewing or from the previous relationship with the client.

Each party's needs must be met. Write in a way that shows the needs of each party: yours and the client. As a freelancer, your needs and requirements should be clearly stated, followed by the client's potential to work with you. When you write the attached values in working with you, clear all disclaimers with terms and conditions. Designs are sensitive to the people who appreciate creativity, and a leaked structure might not be welcoming.

What should be in an architecture proposal?

An architecture proposal should include the following.

  • Design brief: the design brief is all the lengthy processes to create an architectural job, often in a summarized form. These are the steps taken to draw out the final design of the project. 
  • Outline: an outline is the list of the products and selected values combined to form the final and desirable outcomes. All the items in the design play important roles which may be hidden from the client. The architectural proposal should explain them singly – it shows transparency and builds trust. 
  • Delivery and scope: how do you intend to deliver the project? It would help if you had the scope that favors the parties. Your scope should not be limited to your needs alone after the project. Try to impact the benefits on the client's side, make it known and leverage it – even if the client is aware of the scope, place a gentle reminder again. 
  • Analysis: analysis is the part of the architectural proposal showing the successful outcomes in quantity and reality. You should quantify the values that measure the project's quantification by relating the values with the budget, the products/materials, among others. 
  • Project brief: introduce the project brief in a finished form. This is different from the "design brief" because you give the client the taste of the final brief and ascertain that the design brief goes hand-in-hand with the project brief. While the "project design" monitors the overview, the "project brief" specifically introduces the final product to the client. 
  • The proposed compensation structure: you should include the peak into the final output. This will help to ascertain all the proposed offers. First, check the previous projects and accomplishments and make them count by linking the last values to the present ones and then to the proposed structure. 
  • Payment plan: It is wise to describe the payment plans as installments or one-time payments to settle any worries before the work. Make the client mindful of your payment terms and period, just as you handle the budget plan. Over the long haul, giving this data ahead of time will guarantee a money turnaround. Budgeting, indeed, is one of the most significant parts of the architectural proposal template. 
  • Personal details: Here, you get an opportunity to intrigue your forthcoming customer truly. Clients should realize how to contact you rapidly if they mean to employ you for the work. You ought to likewise remember the client's contact for future use. Supplying your details does not just help you figure out what the client should do or how to approach you; it again makes the client trust you since the template is custom-made to their particular necessities. This exhibits your obligation to client assistance and separates you from different project workers who may not put aside the effort to do so. Comprehend that you are endeavoring to stand apart from the other, so do not overdo it, make it simple in any case, cease from lying to yourself, and don't overstate. Just give data which you are sure about.

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