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Jan 31, 2023
Feb 14, 2023
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Sep 23, 2021
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Oct 06, 2021
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Oct 06, 2021
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  • Set the estimates in your proposals to automatically generate invoices when accepted.

Online Personal Invoice Template FAQ

What is an online personal invoice?

When you're a freelancer that's been working on a project for a client, and you're about to finish the said project it's time to start thinking about payment. You could go online and find a random template to use, but you might find that taking this route you won’t stand out with your personal branding. Branding is one of the most important aspects for freelancers today because it’s thanks to it that you can stand out compared to the competition. In the case that you might be a content creator or a graphic designer, you might find branding easy and straightforward, but if you don’t work with creative tools every day, you might find creating a personal invoice a little frustrating. 

If you look online you’ll find a wide variety of templates to use, but most of them are very similar and only give you the opportunity to fill in the various information aspects of invoicing. What you need to do is make sure that your logo is visible and your color palette is cohesive. But how can you make this process quick, easy, and good-looking when you don’t feel confident with personal branding without external support, for your online personal invoice?

Even though this might be a tiresome aspect of freelancing for some, you shouldn’t give up, because today you have the opportunity to create branded personal invoices thanks to Indy’s template generator. This is one of the best tools you can use as a freelancer because it cuts down the tedious work of creating invoices. Everyone likes to get paid, but sometimes how can you get to that step without losing your cool?

With Indy a personal invoice is at the tip of your fingers, you can brand it the way you want, by picking your favorite colors and adding your personal logo. By doing that you’ll find that the invoice you’ve created is already a personal invoice, at this point you just need to fill in all the details needed to make sure your client knows what they are paying for, so they can send you the money by whichever method you prefer. It really is a freelancer’s best friend, and it gives you that extra time to work on other projects so you don’t miss out on deadlines.

As mentioned before, personal invoice branding is really important when it comes to your digital business, because if a client s working with a variety of freelancers, you don’t want them to confuse you for someone else. You want them to know who you are before they read your name. Make sure that you follow your color palette, and make sure to add your logo if you have one, but if you don’t have a logo don’t fret, because even your name written in a specific font is enough to stand out when you have a variety of competitors out there.

How to create an online personal invoice?

To create an online personal invoice you need to understand what your personal branding is. Let’s say that you already have a website that you’ve built on your own, or with the help of another freelancer. In these cases you might already have the branding you need, making the creation of a personal invoice easier to work on.

If your website has a certain feel to it, the best way to emulate that in your personal invoice is by using the same fonts used in your website and the color palette that you have in it. If you can’t recognize the color palette, the best way to understand that would be by opening up your website and finding what are the most repeated colors. If you use a lot of blue and white, there you go which can be the basis for your color palette. Plus, if you want to go further you can check out different shading of blues that follow suit.

But if you don’t have a website, and don’t have an online presence yet, branding yourself is easier than it sounds. You can research competition in your field and see what is being done by others, finding the inspiration needed to create your online personal invoice.

Now that you have the branding you want it’s time to fill out all the blanks on your invoice, you’ll want to make sure that the logo is visible and the colors respect the palette you had in mind but most importantly don’t forget to fill in your items, as those are what the client is going to pay for, and both your and your client’s contact info, cause if you don’t you’ll probably have to create a new invoice to send out.

How to use an online personal invoice?

The ideal way to use a personal invoice is based on your preferred method of sending invoices to your clients. You can go down the email route, where you’ll have to edit per your personal branding guidelines and add it as a .pdf, or you can send it out via the Indy platform that makes the process faster. A great aspect of using this method is that you can add in your hour count, as Indy helps track working hours without having to check the clock and jolting down the time spent on your own.

With it being an all-in-one project management platform you’ll create your personal invoice template in no time and you’ll be able to add in your hour count right within the platform. It really is a godsend for a freelancer that don’t want the stress of thinking about design or the accounting aspect of following this career path.

Make sure you’ve crossed off all of these aspects when using an online personal invoice:

  • Branding (font, color palette, and logo)
  • Contact Information
  • Item List
  • Preferred Payment Method

Now that it’s ready, and filled out in all the aspects, from branding to contact information. It’s time for you to get in touch with your client, and make sure that you get your just payment, cause you did your part in finishing the project, and hopefully you’ve done a good job at it. Cause that’s the best way to have a personal invoice paid on time by any client, plus it’s good for your reputation that, just as branding, is as important in creating your digital presence.

How to send an online personal invoice to your clients?

It’s time for you to send out your online personal invoice, but you’re a little confused about what to do? Don’t worry let’s go through it step-by-step.

Once you’ve gone and picked an invoice template from Indy, you need to start working on the aesthetic aspect of the invoice. Pick the color that represents your branding better than others, select a font that is similar or the same as what you use for all your digital presence, and finally add your logo. All of this is then perfectly positioned by Indy’s template generator, making the design aspect of invoicing easy peasy.

Now with branding done, it’s time to look at what items your client is paying for. What are the services that you’ve completed and what are the hours (if you’ve agreed upon an hourly pay rate) you’ve spent on the project? Add those in, and Indy will take care of all of the accounting aspects of invoicing as well. Another great reason to join the platform, to you can relax when it’s time to send out your online personal invoice.

Okay, you’ve gotten to the point where the invoice is complete, you’ve revised all the information and made sure there weren’t any typos. Branding check, Contact Information check, Item List check, Preferred Payment Method check. Perfect. But how are you going to send it? 

One way is to send your personal invoice is via email, you can download the template you’ve created on Indy, and attach it to the email you want to send your client.

A good way to do his is by adding the project name, invoice number, and due date in the subject line. This way your client knows what the email is about, and knows that it’s time to pay for the project as per agreement. Also, repeat that info in the body of the email, a straightforward concise email is the best one when sending invoices to clients. It makes the whole process easier and you won’t have to go back and forth explaining details, risking that you have a late payment on their part because they wanted to double-check everything.

This can be a good example of what you can write in an email.

Hello [Client]

I hope this email finds you well. I’ve attached invoice [number] for [project. Due date is [date].

If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,


Be careful though, when you add an invoice in your email don’t leave it in the body of the email, make sure that it’s added as a downloadable attachment, because many times clients need to be able to export that file, for their internal accounting. 

So, by using Indy’s all-in-one project management you’ll be able to work on any project at your own pace, without worrying about design and accounting, while still having the personal branding that will make you stand out in today’s marketplace.

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