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Get Paid Faster with an Invoice Template from Indy

Create a professional invoice in minutes with no design or accounting training. Simply add your information to our invoice template and get paid faster. You can add your logo, brand colors, and use any of the multiple payment methods supported by Indy.

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Keep reading to discover how to bill your clients professionally and get paid faster.

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Invoice Templates FAQ

How do I create an invoice template?

Creating an invoice template with Indy is easy. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Launch the Invoices tool from the main Indy menu.
  • Add your company’s branding and contact information.
  • Customize the payment terms, conditions, and methods to suit your needs.
  • Fill in any lines with commonly used items, such as your basic services.

After these steps, you can save this as a draft. You have finished your basic invoice template. When you are ready to use it, simply create a duplicate to edit. Add the final details, such as line items, invoice number, work completed, and due date. Your new invoice is ready to send to your client.

Why do I need an invoice template?

An invoice template will do at least two things for you:

  1. Save time whenever you need to create an invoice because you already completed most of the work.
  2. Ensure a consistent, professional look for your business communication because your branding, contact information, fonts, and everything else will be the same every time.

Indy’s Invoices tool will help you save time and project a professional business image.

What is the best free invoice template?

We’re biased, but we think Indy’s Invoice Template is brilliant. It is not too complicated, so anyone can edit it. We included all the tools you need to create a beautiful, professional invoice template without learning any complicated design or bookkeeping software.

What are the benefits of using Indy's invoice template?

We mentioned the time savings and professional appearance already, but there is one other enormous benefit to using Indy for your invoices: seamless workflow. You can create an Indy account to keep your proposals, contracts, time tracking, invoicing, messaging, project approvals, and payments all in one place. Manage everything together to save time, earn more money, and look like an admin boss while you’re doing it.

Can I add my logo to your invoice template?

Absolutely! Your invoice can be customized with your branding information, including your logo, name, contact details, and brand colors to make sure everything looks smart.

Can I have an invoice template with my bank details?

Sure. You can add these as a note on your invoice. However, we think it is more secure to use a recognized payment method. Our invoices support Stripe, PayPal, and Zelle. These keep your bank information private while giving customers multiple payment options.

Can I edit your invoice template?

Yes, you can edit them to add line items, notes for your clients, specific rates for any work completed, your business and branding information, and payment methods.

Why Indy?

You can sign up for Indy to make your whole workflow better. With Indy, invoices are just a part of one seamless process that includes proposals, contracts, time tracking, client approval, and payment.
  • Use Indy’s other templates to create brilliant proposals and ironclad contracts.
  • Once you enter a client’s information, you can quickly build your entire process for that client, including their proposal, contract, hours worked, invoices, and document approval.
  • Find support, build your team, and network with other freelance professionals by creating an Indy profile.

Word Invoice Template

Word Invoice Template

Word is one of the most widely-used document programs on the planet. Word gives you many options for creating a gorgeous invoice template with custom fonts, colors, layouts, and tables. Word also lets you save files as templates, so creating new docs and invoices is simple. You don’t have to begin with a blank page, though. Use our free MS Word invoice template to jumpstart your invoice creation.

Excel Invoice Template

Excel Invoice Template

Excel is the spreadsheet program of choice for many business owners. You can use Excel to create a template with formulas for calculating the total. Excel is the best program for using and managing formulas and calculations. One drawback is that fewer people have immediate access to Excel, but you can export your invoices as a PDF to avoid this problem. If you are ready to get started, check out our Excel invoice template.

Google Docs Invoice Template

Google Docs Invoice Template

If you don’t use Word, then you probably use Google Docs. It offers many of the same layout and customization options as Word, so you can create your own invoice and presentation. Many people prefer Google Docs because it’s easy to share files through Google Drive. Your customers may also have Docs on their phones and tables, so it’s more mobile friendly. We created a nice Google Docs invoice template to help you get started.

Google Sheets Invoice Template

Google Sheets Invoice Template

Sheets is an alternative to Excel that works in the Google app ecosystem. It offers many of the same formulas and layout options. Sheets lets you email copies to people as a PDF to avoid any access issues when people do not have Sheets installed on their phones. Sheets are also shareable and accessible on many Android smartphones and tablets. Jump into our Google Sheets invoice template to get started.

PDF Invoice Template

PDF Invoice Template

We also offer a PDF invoice template you can download and customize. This may be a good option to ensure customers receive their invoice in a format they can open on mobile devices. PDFs are less easy to edit, though, so you may face a slightly steeper learning curve. The great thing about PDFs is they show up looking the same everywhere so your pretty formatting will always look good. The easiest way to create a nice invoice PDF is with Indy Invoices — give it a try for free today.

Browse 100+ fully legal business Invoices.

Design Invoice Templates

Protect your work with a customized Design Invoice Templates created for professional designers and creators.

Architecture Invoice Template

Design buildings and bill by line item with an architecture invoice template. Works for both residential and commercial clients, simply add your logo and line items, set the agreed due date, and send over to client immediately.

Fashion Designer Invoice Template

Create a professional Fashion Design Invoice in minutes. Add your billable items, payment methods, and branding to Indy’s Fashion Design Invoice Template to build a professional invoice quickly.

Freelance Design Invoice Template

Independent design contractors can use this freelance design invoice template to bill for jobs, gigs, and projects. Simply edit how you need it, add services, amount due, and when it is all needed by.

Freelance IOS App Design Invoice Template

Optimize your application developer career with a Freelance iOS App Design invoice template. Charge for your advanced software skills and get paid in days.

Graphic Designer Invoice Template

Send your next Graphic Designer Invoice in minutes. Add your branding, billable items, and payment methods to Indy’s Graphic Designer Invoice Template to get paid sooner.

Interior Design Invoice Template

No one can make your space a reality like an interior designer. Charge clients for your visionary work with an interior design invoice template. Customize with a colorful logo, save, and send to clients for immediate payment.

Landscape Design Invoice Template

Grow your revenue with a professional Landscape Design Invoice. Add your logo and branding, billable items, and payment methods to Indy’s Landscape Design Invoice Template to get paid faster.

Logo Design Invoice Template

Graphic designers and artists can easily bill for branding with a logo design invoice template. Ask for payment per project or per hour, then email fast to customers. Save as word, exel and compatible with Docs and Sheets.

Web Design Invoice Template

Web development and design specialists can use an advanced Web Design invoice template. Following up for your digital design payments just got a lot easier by creating a unique billing document with editable invoicing tools.

Freelance Invoice Templates

Create a professional freelance invoice in minutes with no design or accounting training

Blank Invoice Template

We can help you design a professional invoice for whatever you need. Start with Indy’s Blank Invoice Template and add your own branding, billable items, and payment options.

Freelance Invoice Template

Get paid faster with a Freelance Invoice you can finish in minutes. Customize with payment methods, company branding, and billable items to create a Freelance Invoice quickly.

Freelance Journalist Invoice Template

Make a mark as a pro writer with a freelance journalist invoice template. Add services per hour or by writing project, input terms of payment, keep a copy for records, then send in minutes.

Freelance Programmer Invoice Template

Accept multiple projects and keep track of incoming payment with a Freelancer Programmer invoice template. Add hourly rates and other software expenses as line items, then deliver to clients within the hour.

Influencer Invoice Template

Guarantee payment for social and digital media projects with an Influencer invoice template. Edit your customized billing slip with a logo and bill for posts, reels, videos, podcasts, and more.

Monthly Invoice Template

Save client information, payment terms, and tax options with a monthly invoice template. Simple to download, email, and save for your records. Personalize company logos, colors, and save for next month.

Net 30 Invoice Template

Fill out company and company information easily with a free, downloadable Net 30 invoice template. Easy to edit and add on special features like brand colors, logos, and more.

Non-Profit Invoice Template

Non-profits give yourself a helping hand and bill with an invoice template that is professional, fast, and easy to use. Time and money is precious, fill it out,email it in minutes, and get paid faster.

Professional Services Invoice Template

Take your professional services to the next level with an easy invoice template. Fill in customizable line items, due dates, and business details. Add a logo, download, and email to clients faster than ever.

Subcontractor Invoice Template

Pay vendors and third parties alike with a fillable subcontractor invoice template. Keep payments already received and expected checks organized by downloading and saving for the accounts receivable records.

General Invoice Templates

Create a professional invoice in minutes with no design or accounting training

Fillable PDF Invoice Template

A fast, fillable invoice template that is easy to use for all business billing needs. Fill in important client information, dates, and amount owed in a few easy steps.

Film Crew Invoice Template

Create a professional Film Crew Invoice in minutes. Add your billable items, payment methods, and branding to Indy’s Film Crew Invoice Template to build a professional invoice quickly.

Google Docs Invoice Template

Create a custom Google Docs invoice with a template that easily fills in product goods and services. Compatible with sheets and docs for more flexibility, plus send a pdf or word document to customers.

Google Sheets Invoice Template

Stay ahead of payments with a Google Sheets invoice template to go off of. Be creative and customize your billing doc with logos, colors, and easily add business services.

Hourly Invoice Template

Create easy and simple invoices for hourly rate payments. Include client information and what the services were for, then send out for payment.

Independent Contractor Invoice Template

As an independent contractor, every payment counts. Use a pro-looking invoice template to bill fast, email to the client, save a copy for your records, and get back to the important work at hand.

Interim Invoice Template

Seal the deal with long-term contracts and invoice with an interim invoice template. Keep billing easy with a downloadable template that will help you stay organized and on track with expected payments.

Invoice Template For Email

Download and email clients executive level invoices and make a good impression. Keep accounts receivable easy by tracking expected payment transactions with a downloadable copy you could send to a client.

Modern Invoice Template

Stay original with a modern invoice template. Create and customize by adding company logos, brand colors, unique line item descriptions and more. Save client information to make billing easy for ongoing projects.

Online Personal Invoice Template

Looking for an online personal invoice template? Look no more, Indy's invoicing tool has everything you need for executive-level billing. Download and send to clients. Get paid in no time while keeping it exclusive.

PDF Invoice Template

Edit and personalize a business invoice pdf template to easily request payment from customers. Save as word, pdf, or jpeg and keep for AR records.

Past Due Invoice Template

Create a professional Past Due Invoice in minutes. Add your billable items, payment methods, and branding to Indy’s Past Due Invoice Template to build a professional invoice quickly.

Word Invoice Template

Downloadable and simple free word doc invoice. Create impressive invoices with Indy's template tools for accounts receivable including adding logo designs, editing descriptions, and adding products.

Business Invoice Templates

Create a professional invoice in minutes with no design or accounting training

Business Coaching Invoice Template

Strategize a new business plan and work with the team while making bank with the business coaching invoice template. Pre-fill important company information, customers, and amount due.

Business Invoice Template

Present the plan of action to clients with a business proposal template. Simply fill in the important aspects of the strategy in the template and create a proposal that will win the job.

Ecommerce Invoice Template

Send valued customers clear billing slips with an e-commerce invoice template. Add an online company logo, include selling goods and products plus shipping and handling fees all in one place.

Self Employed Invoice Template

Create an impressive self-employed invoice while focusing on growing your business. Simply fill in all the important information about the customer, and send it immediately for fast payment. Perfect for freelancers and small companies too.

Small Business Invoice Template

Complete a happy customer experience with a small business invoice template that's professional. It's simple to edit, plus you can include a business logo so the world knows you mean business.

Workshop Invoice Template

Use a general workshop invoice template for special events, classes, and other workshops. Customize line items to hourly rates, billing dates, and send them to participants in no time.

Consulting Invoice Templates

Create a professional invoice in minutes with no design or accounting training

Creative Invoice Templates

Create a professional invoice in minutes with no design or accounting training

Actor Invoice Template

Performers can create and customize actor invoice templates easier than ever. Add and edit line items to reflect rehearsals, research, and performances while showing professionalism.

Artist Invoice Template

Artistic services call for fast payment and with the customizable artist invoice template, the check will be hitting the bank in no time. Charge for paintings, drawings and sculptors and enter them as line items. Edit descriptions and save for your records as a word doc, pdf and other options.

DJ Invoice Template

Create a stylish invoice for your disc jockey services with a DJ invoice template. Charge by gig, or add your hourly rates and add descriptions too. Personalize with Indy's billing tools and make it your own authentic look.

Director Invoice Template

Leading a film can be time-consuming enough, download and edit a director invoice template to save time. Easily input total hours worked, travel hours, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Illustrator Invoice Template

Let the artist out and bill like a pro with an illustrator invoice template. Follow the customer, billing, and services sections to edit and customize. Add your own logo and play with color and fontd with Indy's advanced billing tools.

Makeup Artist Invoice Template

Those glamorous looks call for MUAs to get paid quickly with a makeup artist invoice template. Charge by project, or add on hourly rates while customizing it with colors and adding a brand logo.

Modeling Invoice Template

Now freelance models can invoice for photoshoots, videos, and other projects with a fillable template. Choose color schemes, add logos, and make it as unique as you are. Save as a PDF, email to clients, and track expected payments.

Musician Invoice Template

Payment hitting the bank will be music to your ears with a musician invoice template. Customize, design, and edit billing documents easily by adding musical performances, accompaniment services, and more.

Singer Invoice Template

Sing your heart out when the check hits the bank with a professional singer invoice template. Lay out strict payment dates, total amount due, and list rates in line items. It's simple to use plus, payment will come faster than you think.

Stand-Up Comedy Invoice Template

Create a professional Stand-Up Comedian Invoice in minutes. Add your billable items, payment methods, and branding to Indy’s Standup Comedian Invoice Template to build a professional invoice quickly.

Entertainment Invoice Templates

Create a professional invoice in minutes with no design or accounting training

Dance Teacher Ivoice Template

Get paid for that last ballet lesson with the dance teacher invoice template. Elegant and clear billing documents you can easily edit and send to students fast. Perfect for both freelancers and dance studios.

Event Invoice Template

Billing for planning events has never been easier with an event invoice template. Play in special event requests and total amount due with an easy template that looks professional.

Florist Invoice Template

Charge for your flower arrangements with a florist invoice template. Run the flower shop and leave the important invoicing business to the template. Easy to fill in contact info, goods, and more.

Party Decorator Invoice Template

Party setups and takedowns are worth the paycheck you earn. With a party decorator invoice template, you can set up expenses used, and bill easily as you go. Perfect for freelance event and wedding coordinators too.

Wedding Planner Invoice Template

Professional freelance event photographers use a wedding photography invoice template for all their billing needs. Add special services, hourly rates, and specialty add-ons for the lucky couple and get paid quicker than a flash of the camera.

Healthcare Invoice Templates

Create a professional invoice in minutes with no design or accounting training

Chiropractor Invoice Template

Create a professional Chiropractor Invoice in minutes. Add your billable items, payment methods, and branding to Indy’s Chiropractor Invoice Template to build a professional invoice quickly.

Psychologist Invoice Template

Ease the mind of payments due with a psychologist invoice template. Add patient information, insurance companies to bill to, and other customizable sections. Make invoices clear, concise, and elegant by adding a logo.

Therapist Invoice Template

Personalize and create elegant therapist invoice templates after counseling sessions. Fill in information and email to patients, medical offices and other clients.

IT Invoice Templates

Create a professional invoice in minutes with no design or accounting training

Freelance Android App Designer Invoice Template

Build your application business with a freelance Android App Designer invoice template. Fill in the invoice generator with client info, when you expect to get paid, and send it off right away.

Freelance App Developer Invoice Template

Show clients your best work, then charge accordingly with a Freelance App Developer invoice template that can easily be edited. Charge for hourly rates, software used, and add payment terms.

Front End Developer Invoice Template

Creating and designing a website for traffic takes great skills. Get paid for those tech skills with a Front End Developer invoice template. Quick invoicing is possible with Indy's custom tools to edit, download, and email off instantly.

Game Developer Invoice Template

Coding for gamers everywhere isn't easy. Charge clients accordingly with a Game Developer invoice template. Add custom services commonly charged for then email it to your client in no time at all.

IT Consulting Invoice Template

Send clients a clear and concise invoice with an IT consulting invoice template. Easily enter the payee's information, net payment terms, and customize line items with your technical support services.

IT Support Invoice Template

Ask for payment after helping a client with technical support with an IT support invoice template. This advanced tool is high-quality and allows you to add color schemes, company logos, and even customized line items.

Product Development Invoice Template

Concise and clear invoices are the key to your product develpment career. Fillable templates are a simple way to keep business going while focusing on the projects that need your focus.

Software Development Invoice Template

Professional developers use software development invoice templates for all their billing needs. Edit and add personal services and hourly rates for each project and send off to clients in no time.

Technical Invoice Template

Get all the billing details down with a technical invoice template. Technical services can be added into line items, fill out bill to section, download, and send it off right away.

Web Development Invoice Template

Edit, customize, then download this free web development invoice template to win your clients over. Add service fees, hourly labor, and more. Stay organized while tracking incoming payments.

Website Support Invoice Template

Being on a team is great to help tackle websites, getting a check in the mail is even better. Charge accordingly with a free, downloadable website support invoice template. Customize and create original line items, select due dates, and net payment terms right at your finger tips.

Legal and Finance Invoice Templates

Create a professional invoice in minutes with no design or accounting training

Accountant Invoice Template

Manage your accounting business easily with an accountant invoice template. Charge for accounting services monthly or hourly by editing descriptions and line items. Add company logo and send off in seconds.

Attorney Invoice Template

Fully customize sharp and concise billing statements with an attorney invoice template. Give expert legal advice and get paid quickly while keeping payments organized for your records.

Bookkeeper Invoice Template

Bookkeepers and certified public accountants get paid quickly with a professional bookkeeping invoice template. Easy to add rates, charges, and services. Send to clients swiftly via email or print and mail.

Financial Advisor Invoice Template

Impress clients with a professional Financial Advisor invoice template. Add finance advising services as a line item and charge for your expertise accordingly. Customize with a company logo, and font colors to match your brand.

Legal Services Invoice Template

Whether an attorney, public defender or legal assistant, stay on top of billed legal services with an invoice template. Stay on top of payment status for each account with simple tools that are customizable.

Virtual Assistant Invoice Template

Payment will be on its way fast when managing with a Virtual Assistant invoice template. Bill for data entry, customer service, and technical support and turn them into personalized line items. Get organized with an invoicing tool made easy.

Marketing Invoice Templates

Create a professional invoice in minutes with no design or accounting training

Advertising Invoice Template

Create professional billing for advertising with invoice templates. Easily charge by project, percentage, or at an hourly rate by filling in the info. Perfect for ad agencies and digital advertisement freelancers.

Brand Ambassador Invoice Template

Be your own boss and send companies requested payment with a brand ambassador invoice template. Simply pre-fill descriptions about the project, dates, and even contract terms in the notes section. Send to brands in seconds and see how fast you get paid.

Branding Invoice Template

Get the help of a branding invoice template with Indy's customizable template. Send billing paperwork on time to clients by editing line items, descriptions, and payment terms.

Email Marketing Campaign Invoice Template

Get the most out of invoicing email marketing campaigns with this advanced template. Organize and date each campaign right into it, then email clients like a marketing pro.

Facebook Marketing Invoice Template

Social media projects are easier to charge than ever with our Facebook marketing invoice template. Whether working on posts or ads, billing will be fast and simple to use.

Google AdWords Invoice Template

Get paid for your expert services in Google Adwords with an easy-to-use invoice template for the digital marketing industry. Send and track account statements and see when payment hits the bank.

Lead Generation Invoice Template

Lead generation experts use invoice templates that are simple, save information and helps keep them organized. Increase client audiences and grow your business and profit by keeping payments organized.

Marketing Invoice Template

Remote and freelance marketing specialists create professional invoices with a marketing invoice template. Simply add service details including market research, strategy, and digital ads. Charge what you're worth then send for payment.

PPC Invoice Template

Invoicing for pay-per-click jobs is as easy as it gets. With the downloadable PPC invoice template, you can now stay organized and on top of expected payments from business professionals you work with.

Project Management Invoice Template

Stay ahead with a project management invoice template. Keep track of project budgets, spending, and billing schedules easily while staying on top of incoming payments and outgoing billing statements.

Public Relations Invoice Template

Expect PR payments from clients faster with a customizable public relations invoice template. Add company information in the billing section, due dates, net payment terms, and expected due dates.

SEM Invoice Template

Polish off that search engine marketing project with a customizable SEM invoice template. Easily add when the check is due, add concise all digital marketing services performed, and send it off.

SEO Invoice Template

Find time to stop and smell the roses with a professional gardening invoice. Bill for landscaping and planting services easily by adding and saving line items to keep the business growing.

Social Media Brand Ambassador Invoice Template

Social Media Brand Ambassadors guarantee payment for work done with an invoice template. Charge companies for brand content, sponsorships and more with a customized billing document you can easily design to your taste.

Social Media Invoice Template

Creating a social media invoice is as simple as creating a content calendar. Stay on top of payment by editing billing info and net payment terms with an easy-to-use invoice template. Send the bill and focus on those social posts.

UX Specialist Invoice Template

Designing and developing a product takes talent, get paid for your work with a UX specialist invoice template. Create elegant and sharp-looking billing documents and send them to companies for your services in minutes.

Other Invoice Templates

Create a professional invoice in minutes with no design or accounting training

Electronic Invoice Template

An electronic invoice is a quick and simple way to get the bill to clients fast once the project is over. Add services, goods, and items as well as client information, payment due dates, and mail out.

Excel Invoice Template

The simplest way to create a professional invoice is with an excel template. Straightforward, concise, and clear excel invoice will get you paid faster and impress your customers. Free and downloadable to email to customers and keep a copy for record.

Freelance Interpreter Invoice Template

Grow a interpreter freelance business professionally with an invoice template to bill for services at an hourly rate. Charge for translation services as hourly rates or per session. Sent to clients with this impressive billing tool and see how fast you receive payment.

Speaker Invoice Template

Encourage your audience to pay on time with a paid speaker invoice template. Easily fill in information of university, organization, or company to bill to, add payment due dates, and email in no time.

Virtual Invoice Template

Plug in important customer information online with a virtual invoice template. Edit and customize by adding services or goods, save as word doc or pdf.

Services Invoice Templates

Create a professional invoice in minutes with no design or accounting training

Cake Invoice Template

Expect faster payments for pastry orders with a cake invoice template. Chefs, bakers, and bakeries can now personalize with Indy's billing tool including colors and logos of billing documents. Edit, add service charges plus products all in one place. Make life sweet with a simple way to get payment easily.

Cleaning Invoice Template

Collect housekeeping payment quickly and easily with a cleaning invoice example. Add deep cleaning, polishing, and mopping services for both residential and commercial buildings.

Computer Repair Invoice Template

Computer technicians can bill with an advanced-looking, clear computer repair invoice template. Simply plug in client info, amount owed, and taxes. Email clients fast and get paid faster.

Courier Invoice Template

Whether a big delivery company or a freelancing driver, the courier invoice template is what you need to get paid faster. After supplying delivery services, bill as line items in a clear and concise billing slip.

Gardening Invoice Template

Find time to stop and smell the roses with a professional gardening invoice. Bill for landscaping and planting services easily by adding and saving line items to keep the business growing.

Hair Stylist Invoice Template

Create a professional Hair Stylist Invoice in minutes. Add your billable items, payment methods, and branding to Indy’s Hair Stylist Invoice Template to build a professional invoice quickly.

Painting Invoice Template

Express yourself by personalizing a painter invoice template when collecting payment. Easy to add payment amount, due dates, and thank you notes. Get payments for your art fast while paperwork stays organized.

Personal Trainer Invoice Template

Fitness trainers and instructors can create customizable invoices with the personal trainer template. Add one-on-one training sessions and workout classes as line items, add payment terms, and email off to your client in minutes.

Plumbing Invoice Template

Keep the checks coming with a simple plumbing invoice template. Carbon copy slips are a thing of the past! Use tools to personalize, add line items, and charge accordingly while getting paid faster.

Real Estate Invoice Template

Send new homebuyers a real estate invoice promptly with a template that's easy to fill in. Customize the font with colors and upload company logos for a personal touch. Perfect for real estate brokers, agents, and realtors alike.

Recurring Invoice Template

Setup ongoing projects and long-term accounts with a recurring invoice template. Pre-fill customer information, billing terms, and total amount due without worrying about creating one each time.

Retainer Invoice Template

Keep track of accounts receivable and stay organized with a retainer invoice template. Edit and customize to your business needs, the easily save and email in minutes. Your clients will be impressed with the professional document.

Roofing Invoice Template

A professional roofing invoice template is what a roof contractor needs to run a successful business. It is easy to edit, simple to download, and fast to get paid-that's all there is to it.

Teaching Invoice Template

Substitute teachers, TAs, and professors can now personalize hourly rates and services with a teaching invoice template. Add school and district information, due date, and send off in seconds.

Training Invoice Template

Finally an invoice for training beginners on how to fill out important company and client information. Stay on top of payments and keep things organized with a template to bill easily and in minutes.

Tutoring Invoice Template

Collect what you charged for the extra help with a tutoring invoice template. Change line items to hourly rates, add agreed-on due dates and customize with color. Teach, train, and get paid - there's nothing else to it.

Photography Invoice Templates

Create a professional invoice in minutes with no design or accounting training

Photography Invoice Template

Easy to edit Photography invoice template to charge for photoshoots and edits. Create beautiful memories for clients then impress them with an executive level billing document.

Wedding Photography Invoice Template

Freelance wedding photographers get paid for jobs quickly with a specialty photography invoice template for weddings. Whether it's for a sweet 16, prom, or other special event, edit services, by project, and more.

Videography Invoice Templates

Create a professional invoice in minutes with no design or accounting training

Cinematographer Invoice Template

The director of photography in a motion picture is important, get compensated fast with a cinematographer invoice template. Now you can include work hours, lighting equipment rentals, and other expendables by simply entering the information. Send it off to your client in minutes and let the check hit the bank sooner.

Event Filming Invoice Template

Film events more and worry less about invoices with an event filming template. Bill an entire event or invoice filming per hour - it's up to you. Add recipients, include taxes, and more.

Post Production Invoice Template

Create, edit, and print with a post-production invoice template. Add important due dates, line items, and taxes. Send business clients invoices made for the pictures.

Production Assistant Invoice Template

Get paid for that production assistant gig with a specialized invoice template. Now, you can focus more on the film project and less on accounts receivable. Edit and download to easily send to clients.

Video Production Invoice Template

Use a Video Production invoice template to generate advanced invoicing paperwork. Edit line items to charge customers for video strategies and production management services.

Videography Invoice Template

Filming, editing, and producing is a lot of work, bill accordingly with freelance projects with a videography invoice template. Write in details of services for pre and post-filming, then send off quickly to get paid fast.

Writing Invoice Templates

Create a professional invoice in minutes with no design or accounting training

Content Creator Invoice Template

Successful content creators use an invoice template to bill for podcasts, videos, social media, and other digital work. Customize with colors and email to business clients so you can collect the checks.

Copywriting Invoice Template

Web copy and other digital marketing content can be easily billed with the copywriter invoice template. Be creative and set color schemes and a logo, then email to agencies, businesses, and clients alike.

Freelance Writer Invoice Template

Write your next Freelance Writer Invoice in minutes with Indy’s help. Customize our Freelance Writer Invoice Template with your own branding & logo, billable items, and payment methods to get paid faster.

Translation Invoice Template

Quickly get paid for your interpreter skills with a translation invoice template. Set up due dates, service fees then email in a short amount of time. Clients will have a good impression on your business with a pro-looking invoice that's all your own.

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