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Erica Harris
1848 Hillcrest Circle
Bill to:
Michael Perrin
Wild Oats Markets
1654 Seneca Drive
Item name
Virtual assistant
Personal assistant
Customer Service
Total due
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Indy Invoice templates take the pain out of billing.
  • Build and send an invoice in minutes.
  • Personalize your invoices with your brand color and logo, and leave a nice message for your recipient.
  • Accept payment by top credit and debit cards, check, wire transfer, direct deposit, and more.
  • Add your unbilled time tracks to your invoices as line items for easy payment.
  • Include discounts, late fees, and request deposits.
  • Make single invoices or set up recurring billing.
  • Send your invoices straight from Indy or export them to PDF to send them however you want.
  • Keep track of each invoice’s status, so you know who has paid and who to remind.
  • Set the estimates in your proposals to automatically generate invoices when accepted.

Word Invoice Template FAQ

How to create an invoice in Word?

To get paid for their products and services, freelancers need access to simpler, smarter invoicing systems. By creating your invoice in Word, you can make a document using a word processor that's user-friendly and offers the tools you need to create an invoice that's both sleek and readable.

By creating your invoice in Word, you also gain the benefit of a cost-effective invoicing solution that optimizes your personal payment workflow. With digital invoices created using Microsoft Word, freelancers reduce the volume of physical invoices they and their customers must manage each pay cycle. In addition, freelancers enjoy the transferability of the Word platform as the world’s preferred, most-widely used word processor.

Looking for more guided direction for creating your invoice in Word? Microsoft Word offers a variety of invoice templates to choose from, each offering a unique look and feel suited to a range of business applications.

With easy access to over 175 pre-designed templates, making an invoice with Word allows freelancers the flexibility they need to build necessary business materials more efficiently so they can return to the work they love most—no need to start building a design from scratch.

To get started with your templated invoice in Word, simply open the program and click on “New Document.” From there, browse the database of pre-designed templates and select the one that will best fulfill your needs as a freelancer. As you explore the different templates, consider important business elements that may have an effect on the capabilities of your invoice, including products and services; quantities; client and customer details; and shipping and tracking information. 

After you’ve selected your template, it’s time to begin customizing your invoice in Word. Your template should include fillable sections for the most essential invoice components, including unique invoice numbers and itemization lines for products and services.

From there, use the customization tools to update your document to reflect all other relevant business and branding details, including the following elements:

  • your logo (if you have one)
  • branding colors and fonts
  • freelancer contact details
  • payment terms, i.e. acceptable payment options, late fees, and policies

As you begin to bill vendors and clients for payment, you’ll then update your invoice document with all financial details relevant to the transaction, including the following elements:

  • client and/or vendor contact details
  • unique invoice number (for internal tracking purposes)
  • invoicing/transaction date
  • itemized list of products and/or services rendered 
  • subtotals for each product and/or service
  • payment due dates
  • payment totals, including taxes applicable to your area

For freelancers looking to create business materials more aligned with their personal brand, Word also offers users the functionality to make custom changes to any of the pre-designed templates. From color scheme to branded imagery, the possibilities for adding your personal flair to your financial materials are endless.

While the functionality of the program is a bit too basic for more advanced design work, the custom options available with the Word program provide an affordable option for freelancers who need to create smaller volumes of invoices (approximately five or less a month) without deviating too far from the look and feel of their brand. 

How to send a Word invoice to your clients?

So, you’ve selected an invoice template from one of dozens of pre-designed templates, you’ve customized it, and now you’re ready to send the final invoice to your client for billing payment. The next step in establishing your invoicing workflow is to find the sharing option that works best for you and your existing clients. 

Fortunately, it’s simple to send your Word invoice to clients, and the program allows users access to several basic sharing channels that may support your freelancing business in a variety of ways. 

The simplest way to send your Word invoice to your clients is to download the final file as a shareable PDF. To do this, save your document using the “Save As…” function. Then, select “PDF” as your desired file format before exporting the invoice. With the final file, you’ll be able to share the invoice with your client conveniently via email. Simply upload the PDF invoice to your email as an attachment, and send it off.

If you’d like to give your clients the option to edit the invoice document directly upon receiving it for collaborative review, Microsoft offers several other document sharing methods. For documents created in Word, freelancers can use a collaborative web platform or file hosting service—such as the SharePoint or OneDrive platforms, conveniently offered in-platform by Microsoft—to share editable invoices with their clients. 

If your clients also have a SharePoint or Microsoft OneDrive account, you can upload and share Word files using the Share command, allowing the client user read-only or editing access to your copy of the file depending on the file permissions you grant them within the Word platform. 

Finally, for freelancers already using another file sharing service they and their clients feel comfortable with, invoices created in Word can be downloaded as PDF files (see the process for downloading a PDF above) and uploaded to the third-party platform directly. Popular examples of third-party file hosting and sharing platforms include Dropbox, Box, iCloud, and Google Drive

What are alternatives to a Word invoice?

Depending on the needs of your freelancing business, you may want to consider other options for creating an invoice that best suits your payment workflow. Fortunately, there are a variety of options available for users depending on a wide range of factors, including software familiarity, design experience, affordability, and functionality. 

For freelancers who are already familiar with the Microsoft platform, another creative tool to consider for your invoicing workflow is Excel. With Microsoft Excel, users gain immediate access to an array of powerful formulas capable of streamlining the calculation process as you tend to the rest of the template for each invoice document. 

Some users may be more familiar with the Google Suite of creator tools. For the freelancers falling in this category, options to explore for creating your invoices include Google Docs and Google Sheets. Depending on the functionality you desire from your invoice template, both programs offer a variety of tools for customizing your invoice according to your unique brand, as well as the nature of your products and services.

For freelancers who desire a basic, clean design for standard itemizations, Google Docs may be the more suitable option. Similar to Microsoft Word, Google Docs enables users the essential functionality needed to create a basic invoice which includes all standard invoice document components, including unique invoice details, contact information, itemizations, totals, etc. Although limited in its template selection, Google Docs provides users with a helpful, free option for creating their invoices. 

For those seeking a smarter solution for visualizing more complex cost breakdowns, Google Sheets is a powerful option. Users already familiar with Microsoft Excel will grow accustomed quickly to the formulaic functions of the program. As with Google Docs, Google Sheets is limited in its template selection, although the program does offer a basic invoice template that can be customized according to your brand and itemization structure.

At Indy, we understand the importance of accurately representing the work you do, especially when it comes to getting paid. By utilizing professional invoicing software by Indy, freelancers gain access to a powerful tool that simplifies the payment process while providing the greatest flexibility to clients as possible through integrated online payments, direct deposit or mailing options, and hour tracking.

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